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Crypt of Medea

Sir-Tech Software info 1984

Alan Lamb, Arthur Britto
Apple II
Entered by:
Amby, billy7720, Gunness, Strident



Escape Medea's gory underground crypt, which is filled with deadly traps.

For its time, the game had rather vivid descriptions of various death situations.


Works with the Mockingboard.

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by Stefano
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User Comments

billy7720 (04-04-2011 13:36)

A very obscure and one heck of a tough game. Paying attention to the images as well as clues will get you far. Also paying attention to what you are carrying will also help you in this very tough "dungeon" type of quest.

billy7720 (08-04-2011 02:07)

This game was made for the Apple // AND the IBM PC on a single disk. The game was created by Arthur Britto and Alan Lamb.

billy7720 (08-04-2011 02:08)

Made in 1984 and released by Sir-Tech Software of Wizardry fame.

Gunness (08-04-2011 07:25)

I didn't realize that Apple ][ and PC discs were compatible. (impressive, seeing how Apple insists on using proprietary standards for all products these days ;) ). I've added the data on the programmers.

billy7720 (08-04-2011 16:26)

I believe one side was IBM PC and the other was Apple //. Hope you got the box and screen images I sent to you as well - MY OOPS; I also sent a Crystal Caverns map file to you in the rush to send the box/screenshots to you! Sorry!

webowl (26-04-2020 06:40)

Despite the comments posted here by others, The Crypt of Medea was never released by Sir-Tech for the PC. It was only released on the Apple II. The disk was not double-sided for 2 incompatible computer systems. The confusion is probably caused by the sticker on the box cover which says DOS 3.3. That refers only to Apple's 16-sector disk operating system format (DOS 3.3) as opposed to earlier Apple2 games on 13-sector disks (DOS 3.2). Microsoft's PC DOS 3.3 was not released until 1987 (long after the Crypt of Medea was released). CASA should delete the references to Sir-Tech's Crypt of Medea being available in a PC format.

Strident (26-04-2020 08:14)

All references do seem to refer to it being Apple II only, so I've deleted the PC reference.

Canalboy (30-03-2024 21:46)

You weren't joking when you said this game was tough and gruesome. I wish I hadn't eaten that Chinese take away now.

Canalboy (31-03-2024 16:17)

I have come across a bug in this very tough assault which appears to be of an aid to your progress, unusually. The mutated being presumably doesn't attack me as he (it) is slavering over something that I haven't managed to pick up further back in the game. It looks like a case of gather your roses while you may so I won't complain at this juncture.