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Sadim Castle

MP Software 1984

Helen Seymour, John Hudson
BBC/Electron info
Horror, Real-time
Entered by:
dave, Gunness, iamaran



Long ago Lord Sadim and his beautiful wife Leonora lived happily together in a castle on a vast estate, until the Lord was summoned by the King to fight in a war and while he was away the lovely Leonora was unfaithful to him. On his return he learned the truth about his wife, flew into a terrible rage and sealed her up in a room in the castle. She cursed her husband and all who set foot in the castle and the blood curdling screams could be heard for days, then there was a deathly silence.....Shortly afterwards Lord Sadim was decapitated when the portcullis 'accidently' dropped on him and a woman in white was seen laughing over his body.

Since then many people have died or disappeared and the castle has a reputation for being a haunted and dangerous place to visit. Your task is to locate Leonora's remains in the now deserted castle, give her a decent burial and let the spirits rest in peace.

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User Comments

leenew (24-11-2014 22:21)

Could you confirm the setup used to play and complete this game.
I am using the UEF from Stairway to Hell and playing it on Beebem 4.14. (with OS 1.20)
However, it seems impossible to complete.
I get the "blood curdling howl" ending with absolutely no chance of completing the game.
Any help would be appreciated.


Gunness (25-11-2014 08:02)

Hi Lee,
oh, it's been quite a few years since I completed it, so I'll have to play it again to give you an answer.

leenew (25-11-2014 20:24)

Thank you.
There just doesn't seem to be anywhere near enough moves to finish the game. The reviewer at Acornelectronworld found the same thing.


leenew (08-12-2014 14:32)

Hi there,
No need to replay this as it has now been solved!
The walkthrough needs a slight update.
When the mists start swirling and blood-curdling screams can be heard...
READ BIBLE clears them away or else you die!
Thanks to Duikkie on Stardot forums for that!


Gunness (11-12-2014 14:44)

Does this happen at a random time during the game? I just have to know where to update the solution :)

leenew (13-12-2014 01:20)

Yep. It happens at random. Once you have the Bible, and the mists start to swirl and the blood curdling howl can be heard. .. Just READ BIBLE and you are safe. .. Til next time. ..