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Adventure 200 (Adventure_200_C_J_Coombs.txt)

Written by C. J. Coombs
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

1. Understands TAKE not get.
2. Understands VIEW not look.

1. Diamonds
2. Gold Seal
3. Ring
4. Mace

Walk Through
(Start at the east gate of palace), S, S (top of cliff path), D (rocky beach), E, NE (large cave),
TAKE LAMP, SW, W, U, N, E, N (by camp fire), LIGHT LAMP (at the fire), S, SW, S, E (pothole), D
(small chamber), S, E (small cave), TAKE COIN, W, SE (high passage), NE, E (maze of twisting little
passages), S, W, N, N (narrow dry canyon), TAKE JUG, S, S, W, N, E (small damp cavern), SW, S, SW
(rocky beach), W, U, N, E, E, E (there is a large troll by the bridge), THROW COIN (troll runs off),
E, E, E (by a wooden bridge), N, NE (dense forest - leave the bird for now), NW, W (crude hut), TAKE
KEYS (leave the coin), E, E, N, E, S (narrow ledge), E, E (top of wide pothole), D (large cavern),
E, E (large chamber where you meet a huge eyed guard), SE, E (shaft where a sign says
"Firedamp", TAKE CAGE.

W, S, S, W, W, S (narrow twisty passage), E, E, E, S (spring), TAKE WATER (fresh - in the jug), N,
W, W, S, W (high passage - hear snoring), S (see guard asleep), E, E (high chamber), UNLOCK CHEST
(using keys - you hear footsteps), TAKE DIAMONDS, LOCK CHEST, S (very low narrow crawl - the
footsteps recede), N, W, W (guard is still asleep), NE (into maze), E, E, W, N, N, W, W (high
chamber - ignore the snake), S (bottom of shaft), U, N (by cliff where there is a small plant),
THROW WATER (must be fresh - plant grows), E, S, E, D, W, S (sea edge), TAKE WATER (salt), N, E, U,
N, W (back to plant), U (you climb the plant), N (grain store), TAKE GRAIN, S, E (outside building),
UNLOCK, N (inside building), TAKE SPADE, S, W, D (back down plant), THROW WATER (salt and the plant
dies - note if you don't do this a farmer comes down the plant and kills you).

E, S, E (top of cliff), D (rocky beach), E, N, TAKE BRANDY (in the jug), S, W, U (cliff path), W, N,
W, S (top of pothole), D N, E, E, N (to where the huge eyed guard is), W, W, U, W, W, N (wooden
bridge), W, N, NE (dense forest where the bird is), THROW GRAIN, TAKE BIRD (the bird takes the grain
and you take the bird in the cage), S, E, E, N, N, E, S (small wood where you see a flower), DIG,
VIEW (see garlic), TAKE GARLIC, S, E, S, S, E, E (top of pothole), D (large cavern), E, E, SE, S, S
(low chamber), U, U (high passage where to the east you see a room containing guards), LOCK (you
lock the door), U E (through a vent you see the room below containing the guards), THROW BRANDY (the
room below burns), W, D, SE, E, NE (west side of smoky room), W, TAKE GOLD, E, LOCK (you lock the
door), SW, W, NW, D, D (low chamber), N, N, E (back to firedamp sign).

D, E, E, D, D (wide crawl), NE, U (see a machine which isn't running), TAKE WRENCH, VIEW (the
machine is now running so you can drop the bird), DROP BIRD, DROP CAGE, D, W, U, U, W, W, D, D, SE,
E, U, E (by a sign saying "To the Mace" - leave for now), W, U, E, N (by river), TAKE
WATER (fresh - in the jug), N, E, E, E, E (desert), DRINK, E, E (see a pyramid south), N (dry water
hole), DIG (find water), DRINK, TAKE WATER, S, S (by pyramid), DRINK, D (see a sign which you should
ignore), S (low passage), U, NE, U (by panels marked a to l - Do you want to press one?), Y (yes),
A, B, D, G, K (a door opens), N (maze), N, W, N, E (hear snoring), S, NE, U (see sleeping guard),
TAKE SEAL, D, E, N, E, S, E, E, S, E, S (back to panels where you are again asked if you want to
press one), N (no), D, SW, D, N, U (pyramid), N, N (back at dry water hole), DIG, DRINK, TAKE WATER,
S, W, DRINK, W, W, W (out of desert).

W, N, N (outside castle), UNLOCK (you unlock the door), N, DROP KEY, DROP SPADE, U, E, N (bed
chamber), NW (dressing room), W (secret passage), NW (top of a steep narrow stairway), D, S (maze),
D (cellar - must be carrying the garlic or the vampire kills you), TAKE RING, U, DROP GARLIC, N, U,
E, E, E, E, D, W, W, W, S (back outside castle), S, S (hear dogs), S, W, NW, N, E, S, W, D, E (back
to mace sign), N, S, E, S, SE, N, E, N, SE, NE, TAKE MACE, N, N, S, E, W, N, W, W, W (back the mace

W (hear guard behind you), D, W, U, U, U, E, E, D, D (low wide crawl), NE, U (back to machine),
THROW WRENCH, VIEW (the machine is no longer working), D, W, U, U, W, W, U (back to firedamp sign -
you hear an explosion), W, W (back to where the huge eyed guard is - when he sees the mace he sounds
the alarm), E (maze), E, E, S, U, W, W (back to the edge of a dry canyon), THROW MACE, N, W (wooden
bridge), THROW LAMP (the bridge burns and stops the guards), TAKE LAMP, W, W, W, W (the troll stops
you), DROP JUG (it breaks), VIEW, TAKE CRYSTALS, THROW CRYSTALS (the troll is happy and runs off, W,
W, W (back at the start but before we go west we must retrieve the mace), S, S, D, E, NE, N, NE, E
(back to first maze), S, W, N, N (dry canyon), TAKE MACE, S, S, W, N, E, SW, S, SW, DROP LAMP, W, U,
N (back to east gate of place where you started), W (palace).

You have all the treasure.
Well done.

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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