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Adult 2 (Adult_II_Simon_Avery.txt)

Written by Simon Avery
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Amstrad Version)

After your recent fame at cheating death your live-in girl friend complained that you were becoming
big-headed and quite unreasonably locks you out one night. You feel sure that if you can get back
into her house, you can win her over with your irresistible charms. Your quest, therefore, is to
find her house (alcohol has dimmed your mind), the keys, and get inside. 

Walk Through
(Start in a busy nightclub), EXAMINE CLUB, W, D (bottom of stairs), S (ladies loo), GET TAMPON,
EXAMINE TAMPON, N, N (gents loo), EXAMINE URINAL (you find something), LOOK, GET DOG (dog-end),
EXAMINE DOG (dog-end), S, W (cloakroom), GET COAT, EXAMINE COAT (you find something), LOOK, GET
MONEY, EXAMINE MONEY (five pounds), WEAR COAT, E, U, E, S (south of dance floor), U (first floor
hallway), S, W (bedroom where a young lady lies on the bed), EXAMINE LADY, TALK LADY, MAKE LOVE TO
LADY (she falls asleep), EXAMINE BED (you find your money which she hid under the mattress and a
unused condom which you pick up), E (hallway), N, D (dance floor), N, N (nightclub entrance - there
is a bouncer on the door), EXAMINE BOUNCER, TALK BOUNCER (nobody gets out unless they pay) PAY
BOUNCER, N (street outside nightclub).

N (deserted pier), N (end of pier), EXAMINE PIER, E (in boat), GET CARD, EXAMINE CARD (membership
for a strip club), W, S, S, E (bus shelter where you meet a tramp), EXAMINE TRAMP, TALK TRAMP, GIVE
DOG (he takes the dog-end gratefully and gives you an empty bottle in return), W, S, S (nightclub),
W, D (bottom of stairs), N (gents loo), TURN ON TAP, FILL BOTTLE (with water), S, U, E, N, N
(outside nightclub), W, W (foyer of strip joint), EXAMINE MAN, TALK MAN (must show your membership
card to enter), SHOW CARD, D (strip club), EXAMINE BARMAID, TALK BARMAID (wants some water to dilute
the beer), GIVE BOTTLE (she tells you to go south to see one of the performers), S (dressing room),
sequins), WEAR FROCK, N, U (foyer).

E, E, E, E (street outside your house), S (private party), S (bedroom of private house), EXAMINE
COUPLE (they are holding back), TALK COUPLE, GIVE CONDOM (a small key drops to the floor), GET KEY,
EXAMINE KEY (it's the one to your girlfriend's house), N, N, N (outside house), EXAMINE
HOUSE, UNLOCK DOOR, E (yay, you've done it, you found your way into your girlfriend's
house again).


Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

Displayed on the Classic Adventures Solution Archive: