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G.F.S. Sorceress (GFS_Sorceress_hints.txt)

G.F.S. SORCERESS HINTS (see numbers on map)

1. Go Ion Trail. Go to Bow of Ship. Remove Meteorite from Gun.

2. At Metallic Hatch, Open Metallic Hatch. Enter and close it. Open and Go Black Hatch.

3. Open and Go Red Hatch. Close Valve. Open Valve.

4. Go Shaft. Get Pistol. Check it. Push Violet Button. Like sign says, Don't drop it when

5. Go outside Ship to Engine. Shoot Large Meteor. Return to Ship. Now you can get in Control Room
(Blue Hatch) and
briefly meet good old what's her name! (Selena Sakarov)                                

6. Push Blue Button on Console. Push White Button. Go hibernate in White Room. With Pistol, go out
to Rigel X. Shoot

7. Get Silver Box (Robot Controller) and Gold Box (Translator). Command Robot to get White and
Silver Books ("Robot
Get Silver Book"). March Robot to Starship. Return to Control Room.

8. Push Green Button. Do the Engine Fire and hibernation bit. Step out on Epsilon Eridani V, again
with Pistol. Go to
the Depression in the Desert. Look Depression. Shoot Door.

9. The Sand Crab only threatens, doesn't attack; do not shoot him. Get Gold Nugget, but only if
the first Crab isn't
shot. Return to Control Room.

10. Push Orange Button. Start Engine and hibernate. Get out on Tau Ceti III with Golden Ankh from
Bedroom. Put on
Ankh. Climb Tree. Get sprayed so that Web may be gotten. The Quicksand is navigable, but Lizard
would be missed. He is
scared if Ankh isn't being worn. Return to Control Room.

11. Push Red Button. Start Engine and hibernate. Holding Silver and Gold Boxes, load up Robot with
two books, Nugget
and Pistol. March him out on Altair IV to the Hallway. Drop both books and Nugget.

12. March him into Small Room. Order Robot to Drop (Armed) Pistol. Drop the Silver Box and go to the
Small Room,
getting Nugget along the way.

13. Look Monolith. Give Nugget. Drop Web as soon as next Robot is seen. Back up and get books.
Exchange White and
Silver Books for Red and Black Books. Return to Control Room.

14. Push Yellow and White Buttons. If attacked by Pirates, Go Green Hatch and Push Black Button.
Hibernate for the
last time. Sit back and watch the conclusion.