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Amazing Adventure (Amazing_Adventure.txt)

Written by G. Everitt Weston/Dorothy Millard
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

You are Trasher, a famous adventurer.  It is your mission to blow up the residence of the evil ruler
Antrax, who rules the once peaceful village of Partomina.

Walk Through
(Start on a windswept crag overlooking the valley of cyclones... you meet Zendala - don't
follow her but) C (continue - you arrive at Fostogon and are hungry - don't stop to eat
though), G (go on - you arrive at Partomina), L (enter the left gate - don't climb the wall), E
(examine the courtyard) T (examine tapestries - don't climb the vine), F (examine fountain then
you can do one of the following:

Option 1
D (drink from the fountain - you doze off and awake to find your possessions gone... you hear a
noise - don't stand and fight), D (dive behind a bush... you follow a rabbit and suddenly all
your gear reappears and you enter the right gate.

Option 2
E (examine underneath fountain where you find a box - do not smash the box), O (open box and you
find a ring), W (wear ring which leads you to the tapestries which seem to come to life..., you run
out of the courtyard and enter the right gate.

A fight is in progress - don't join in), S (sneak past... a goblin spots you so) P (pull out
your sword and fight... you kill him and enter a store room where you find a box containing the
equipment you need to blow up the castle... you climb the wall and enter the castle and proceed to
blow it up.

Well done Trasher
You have completed your Mission.
You are awarded a badge of honour and 4000,000 gold pieces.

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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