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Revenge of Balrog (Revenge_of_the_Fortress.txt)

Written by Don & Freda Bonner
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (PC Version)

1. Revenge of the Fortress is similar to Balrog of Triad on the C64.
2. The PC Version has an error at the end but it didn't prevent completion just the printing of
the full completion message.
3. It is necessary to type GO NORTH etc. in full.

Walk Through
(Start outside a village in the Realm of Flowers), GO NORTH, READ SIGN (beware of trees, the dragon
and the stream), EXAMINE STREAM (you see a glowing rock but if you try to get it you will be bitten
by a snake), GO WEST, EXAMINE TENT, ENTER TENT, EXAMINE TABLE (see war knife and a hat), GET KNIFE,
GET HAT, EXIT TENT, GO WEST, GO NORTH, GO NORTH, FIGHT GIANT (using the knife - the storm-cap giant
vanishes into a green cloud of smoke), GO NORTH (note don't enter the cave or you will disturb
the rest of the feared Alabastrian Batman who eats you), GO WEST, GO SOUTH, EXAMINE RIVER (you see a
bottle but leave it), GO SOUTH (village of Iiacks), READ SIGN (Wild Stallion Inn), ENTER INN,
EXAMINE BOX, GET KEY, EXIT INN (ignore the deformed Notman).

GO WEST (into dark forest), GO WEST, GO SOUTH, GO NORTH, GO NORTH (outside forest where you meet an
orc who is ready for battle), FIGHT ORC (you kill it), GO NORTH (to edge of time), OPEN GATE (using
the key), GO EAST (into time tunnel), GO WEST, GO NORTH, GO EAST, GO WEST, GO NORTH (you are moving
through a light and energy field), GO NORTH, GO NORTH (misty moor), READ SIGN ("Keep
out"), GO WEST (past the moor), EXAMINE TREES (see large canvas), MOVE CANVAS (see a dead
soldier), EXAMINE SOLDIER (you see the sword of Vishtori), GET SWORD, EXAMINE SWORD (magical).

GO NORTH (bottom of cliff), CLIMB CLIFF (top of cliff), GO WEST (castle grounds where you see a
palace guard), FIGHT GUARD (using the sword - he is dead), GO NORTH (Starfarer's Castle at the
Fortress at Time's End where you see the princess tied to a tree), UNTIE PRINCESS (she is
free), READ SIGN.

You have rescued the Princess, but the Balrog is still inside the castle with the necklace.

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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