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Lost Dutchman's Mine (Lost_Dutchmans_Mine.txt)

Written by Cleveland M. Blakemore (1988 Ahoy Magazine)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

Starting at the deserted last chance gas station you must enter the mine to find three treasures,
including the Dutchman's Nugget, and return with them.

1. Lustrous Red Ruby
2. Glowing Diamond
3. The Dutchman's Nugget

Walk Through
(Start in a deserted last chance gas station), EXAMINE PLAQUE (put all treasure on this shelf), GET
MATCHBOOK, GET REVOLVER, GET BOTTLE, EXAMINE MATCHBOOK (Gozer Travel - need to travel, call Gozer),
SAY GOZER (you are transported to a dusty house with a sunbeam coming through the east window), GET
TORCH, N, W (deep ravine), GET SHOVEL, E (boarded up mineshaft entrance where you see a whistling
evil spirit), WHISTLE (spirit trembles), BLOW BOTTLE (the spirit wriths and vanishes in a cloud of
smoke), DROP BOTTLE, N (sloping granite tunnel), GET RUBY, D (east/west mineshaft where you see a
skeleton draped with cobwebs), GET BULLETS, EXAMINE SKELETON (his bony claw points east).

W (meet a timber wolf), SHOOT WOLF (need gun and bullets), DROP REVOLVER, DROP BULLETS, D (the room
below is underwater), E, E (cool cavern where you see a colossal stone sun calendar), N (you're
carrying too much to go through the crack), DROP MATCHBOOK, DROP SHOVEL, N (subterranean river bed
where you see a circular wheel set into an iron door), GET DIAMOND, TURN WHEEL (door opens and the
area is filling with water), S, GET DIAMOND, GET SHOVEL, W, W, D (ancient Indian burial ground where
you see a burial mound), DIG MOUND (find the Dutchman's nugget), GET NUGGET, U, E, U, U, S
(adobe house), SAY GOZER (you are back at the deserted last chance gas station), PUT RUBY, PUT

You've won the game.

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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