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Afflicted (Afflicted.txt)

This is a walkthrough for the 2008 annual competition version of "Afflicted" by Doug
This is not a minimal solution. On the other hand, this solution is not as comprehensive as the game
you would experience if you played independently.
Players are strongly encouraged to use the in game hint system prior to resorting to this solution. 
Type "hint" to access that menu.

read window.knock on window.
w.n.x tables.note tables. ask angela about affliction. ice.take hand.
n.note vomit.note sink.note dryer.
s.note counter.note stools. cauldron.take foot. dish washer.take right foot.
s.s.s.take lamp.turn on lamp. crate.
u.s.s.x prep table.x shelf.take tongs.
s.s.e.take eyes with tongs.
w.n.n.n.x chopper.note it.x blade.
open cover.turn screw.reach in kit.wear tourniquet.take all
s.s.u.take culture
d.n.n.n.d.put eyes in body.put entrails in body dumpster.take all.
s.d.put all in crate.
(Yes or No)no window.break window.x opener.take opener
e.n.kill sofia with opener.