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1942 Mission (1942_Mission.txt)


Start in the Briefing Room.

Get Boots, Wear Boots, N, Get Knife, Get Polish, Get Trowel, E, Get Photo,
Examine Photo (your passport photo), S, E, S, S, Remove Boots, Drop Boots,
Get Shoes, Wear Shoes, N, W, Get Parachute, Wear Parachute,
Blacken Face (with polish), W, S (you are now inside the aircraft, which takes
off, and soon you circle the dropping zone - note the message `SEE SS Agent !'),
Get Torch, D (you now parachute into the German camp), Dig Hole (with trowel),
Drop Trowel, Remove Parachute, Bury Parachute (now remember the previous message !),
S, E, E, S, S, Say Scotch (the German guard gives you a pass), D, N, E,
Get Biscuits, W, D, W, Close Door, Get Book, Open Book (the safe is in a cellar
under the Study floor), Turn Page (blank !), Turn Page (note the number 101).

Drop Book, W, S, U, E, S, Cut Rope (with the knife), Drop Knife, Get Ladder,
Get Rope, Look, Insert Photograph (into your pass), D, N, Give Biscuits (to
befreind the dog), Read Collar (the `0' is the rest of your code), Drop Collar,
W, W, S, S, W, W, S, E, Lift Carpet (you reveal a trapdoor), Open Trapdoor,
Extend Ladder, Lower Ladder (into the cellar), D, Light Torch, Dail 1010
(the fuel plans are now free to take !), Get Plans, Close Safe, Turn Dial
(to lock the safe again), Extingish Torch, U, Close Trapdoor, Replace
Crapet, W, S, E, Get Coat, S, E, E, Down, E, Get Soap, Wash Face, Wear
Coat, W, S, S, E, E, Show Pass.

                     WELL DONE !!  MISSION COMPLETED !!

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