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Atomic Isle (Atomic_Isle.txt)

Written by George Knoedler
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

(Start on an island), EXAMINE TREES, EXAMINE SEAWEED, GO SOUTH (you walk the trail to the top of the
cliff), EXAMINE BUILDING (see a sign on the roof), READ SIGN (Crazy Lou's Trading Post), GO
WEST (trading post), READ SIGN (don't bother with the rowboat and oars as you can't get
them down the slope anyway and you can't afford the mini-sub), TALK TO LOU, WHAT IS IN THE
BOXES (hang gliders), BUY HANG GLIDER, EXIT (you are back on the cliff top), ASSEMBLE HANG GLIDER,
JUMP OFF CLIFF (you float across to the island of Sportta Sappa).                                   

EXAMINE ROCK (you see an inscription), READ INSCRIPTION (note the numbers), EXAMINE LOG (it is
hollow), MOVE LOG (a skunk runs out), FOLLOW SKUNK (into a cave), FEEL WALLS (you find a light
switch), FLIP SWITCH, EXAMINE WALLS (you find a box containing a ring of keys), GET KEYS, EXAMINE
KEYS (a ring of three keys each one labelled with a number from one to three), EXIT (back to beach),
GO NORTH, GO NORTH (closer to base), EXAMINE FENCE (it is electrified), EXAMINE POLE (you see a box
near the top), CLIMB POLE (you find a knife wrapped in a slip of paper), GET KNIFE (you slide back
down the pole), READ PAPER, GO SOUTH (back to beach).                                               

EXAMINE PIPE (it's a vent), CLIMB IN VENT (you stop at an iron grate), EXAMINE GRATE (a large
rat has been following you and your next action will provoke the animal to attack), KILL RAT WITH
KNIFE (it is now dead), EXAMINE GRATE, UNLOCK GRATE (with which key?), 3 (you enter the room where
the vent pipe ends).                                                                                

OPEN UTILITY DOOR (it's a janitor's closet), EXAMINE CLOSET (there is a janitor uniform, a
squeegee and some window cleaner), GET UNIFORM (you pick up the window cleaning stuff and put on the
janitor uniform), CLIMB UP STAIRS (at the top two armed guards think you are the janitor they were
expecting and you are told to wash the computer screens at the consoles... you are in the control
room), OPEN DRAWER (locked), UNLOCK DRAWER (with which key?), 2 (you find a book inside), EXAMINE
BOOK (you find the security code - note it), EXAMINE COMPUTER (you see the missile status screen -
note the target is Pawtucket... you are to change status input area to change), BEARING (input new
north bearing), N 17640, (input new west bearing), W 74042 (note the target is now outer space),
LAUNCH CONTROL (it is now armed and requires two operators except for manual override - note do not
touch the self destruct or you will not live to return to Pawtucket!), LOOK, EXIT (back to room
where the vent pipe is).                                                                            

OPEN SILO DOOR (enter security combination), 99 78 18 15 80 (you are inside the missile silo at
last), EXAMINE MISSILE (note the incorrect spelling - you see a hatch halfway up the side), CLIMB IN
HATCH (you climb up the side and make your way to the hatch), UNLOCK HATCH (with witch key?), 1 (you
have reached the inside of the missile), EXAMINE CONSOLE (one of the buttons is marked "Manual
Launch Override"), PRESS BUTTON (immediately the missile begins to rumble... it is carrying you
and the atomic bomb aloft... tearing open the emergency cabinet you find yourself a parachute and
jump out of the hatch... you float down to a recovery near a U.S. ship).                            
                                           The atomic missile heads harmlessly to outer space.      

You have saved Pawtucket and brought the evil scum on the isle to their knees.

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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