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Calixto Island (Calixto_Island-Non-Graphical_hints.txt)

Calixto Island Adventure
- Non-Graphical Version -

by Ron Krebs


These are hints for an early, non-graphical version of the game. Most but not all of the hints are
still valid for later versions. Conversely, the later versions require actions to some situations
that do not arise in this early version.

This version does not allow common abbreviations such as N, U, and I, you will need to type GO
NORTH, GO UP, TAKE INVENTORY, GO STAIRS, GO FIELD, etc. though you should be able to get away with
using just the first four letters of each word.

Examine everything, read every written word.

Is the rug in the way?

Take care - batteries have a limited life.

Empty the chest.

Empty the cabinet.

Are you sure that both are empty?

You can leave the glass wear for later.

Rugged terrain requires rugged footwear.

You are wearing the boots aren't you?

Keys before machete.

And return to unlock.

If the type is too small try wearing something that enlarges.

Do you have something to trap snake food?

The boat uses manual propulsion.

It's a leaky boat, in more ways than one.

Don't leave the means of inflation inside the boat.

What's in the box?

Are you giving it away?

It's on the beach and it's all around here, you've got a shovel do you dig it?

Does the above need repeating?

You may be homeward bound but don't forget your earlier troubles.


Written by Alastair for the Classic Adventure Solution Archive (CASA)