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Battune Becomes an Actor (Battune_Becomes_an_Actor.txt)

Merle K. Goodman (1989)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (PC Version)

It is 1901 and you are becoming bored with life on the farm.  You hear the call of the stage, and
determine to become a world-renowned actor. The road to success is long and dangerous, and filled
with many setbacks.

Walk Through
(Start outside your farm house), W (barnyard), GET GOOSE QUILL, E, S (inside farmhouse), LOOK TABLE,
GET BROCHURE, READ BROCHURE (take to Acme Acting School for a special discount), W (kitchen), GET
POT, E, S (bedroom), LOOK CLOSET (closed), OPEN CLOSET, LOOK CLOSET (see suitcase), LOOK SUITCASE
(closed), OPEN SUITCASE, LOOK SUITCASE (see a red cape), GET CAPE, N, E (study), LOOK DESK (see a
bottle of ink), W, N (back outside), E (hen house), LOOK HENS (see eggs), GET EGGS (hens won't
let you), WAVE POT (seeing the pot they think you want them for dinner and run off), DROP POT, GET
EGGS, W, N (field where you see a bull), WAVE CAPE (bull charges past you allowing you to go north),
DROP CAPE, N (road).

N (Stratford-on-Avon), W (dock), N (outside restaurant), W (alley), N (restaurant kitchen where you
see the cook), LOOK COOK (talking to salespeople), SELL EGGS (he gives you some money), S, E, S
(back to dock), S, S (actor's school where you meet the teacher), LOOK TEACHER (taking
applications), TALK TO TEACHER (asks if you have your course fees), GIVE MONEY (the teacher says you
have finished your training and are cast at the Little Playhouse... she gives you a script), LOOK
SCRIPT (name of the play is 'Dinner at Eight', READ SCRIPT (note you cannot pick it up or
return to this location), N, DROP BROCHURE, N, E, E, E (in an alley outside the Shakespeare
Playhouse), GET GONG (and hammer), W, W, N, E (alley), N (backstage where you see a guard), LOOK
GUARD (only lets actors in), W (by stage),  GO STAGE (you say your line, trip, bang your head on the
gong and spend the next 10 years doing comedies... you notice an agent in the audience), LOOK
PEOPLE, LOOK AGENT, TALK TO AGENT (hands you a contract to sign), READ CONTRACT (agent gets 10%),
SIGN CONTRACT (using quill and ink - notice fine print), READ FINE PRINT (Battune pays his own
expenses), DROP QUILL, DROP INK, S, S.

W (dock), LOOK SHIP (H.M.S. Titan), GO SHIP (you buy a ticket with your last pound... you are in
cabin 104), GET FUR COAT (as you pick it up a script falls to the floor), GET SCRIPT, LOOK SCRIPT
(Hamlet by William Shakespeare), READ SCRIPT (too dark), WEAR COAT (so you don't freeze to
death on the aft deck), W, W, U, E (aft deck), SIT DECK CHAIR (fur coat keeps you warm), READ
SCRIPT, STAND UP, W, N (dining room), LOOK PEOPLE (waiting for a show), TALK TO PEOPLE (ask if you
know Shakespeare), N, GO STAGE (ship hits an iceberg and you realise it isn't the Titan but the
Titanic - you have 30 turns to get off), S, S, D, W, W (cabin 101), GET TRUNK, E, E, U, E (back to
aft deck), LOOK TRUNK (property of Harry Houdini), GO TRUNK (you throw it overboard and it magically
turns into a boat... while waiting to be rescued you read books and learn all about magic... you are
rescued and work the circuit until you reach Chicago).

E, E (agent's office), LOOK SECRETARY, TALK TO SECRETARY (asks what you want), SHOW CONTRACT
(she says she has a booking for you at Mrs. Gotrocks), W, W, S, S (Mrs. Gotrocks' house), LOOK
BUTLER (tearing his hair out), TALK TO BUTLER (says to entertain the "little monsters"), S
(garden where you see children), LOOK CHILDREN (noisy), DO MAGIC (you do magic tricks for the
children... you get a letter from Bugsy Malone to go to his coffee shop for an audition).

N (outside coffee shop), LOOK DOOR (locked), KNOCK ON DOOR (you are asked the password), BUGSY
MALONE, N (coffee shop), LOOK BUGSY, TALK TO BUGSY (asks if you can do Shakespeare), N (coffee shop
stage), GO STAGE (as you start Bugsy is shot... you see something on the floor), GET MATCHES, LOOK
TABLES, LOOK MENUS, S, S, S, S (ignore the armed thug), S (garden), LOOK TABLE, GET KEY, N, N, N, W,
W (warehouse), LOOK BARREL (filled with something but ignore it), S (garage), LOOK CAR, GET CAR
(must be carrying the key), W, W (mid-west), N (you have a flat tire but no jack), N, N (service
station), LOOK MECHANIC (holding a cigarette), LIGHT MATCH (you light the mechanic's cigarette
and now see a jack), BLOWOUT MATCH (otherwise it ignites the gas in the pumps), DROP MATCHES, GET
JACK, S, S, W (you change the flat tire and are ready to head to Hollywood).

W (approaching California), W (Hollywood), DROP JACK, DROP FUR COAT, E, N (used car lot), SELL CAR,
W, S, E, S (Brown Derby kitchen), LOOK COOK (note the cook will not talk to you or let you pass if
not wearing the tuxedo), TALK TO COOK (he says to take a tray to table 1), N (into restaurant where
you see the agent), LOOK AGENT, TALK TO AGENT (asks if he knows you), SHOW CONTRACT (he says to see
the producer at Macs Studios and gives you a pass), DROP TUXEDO, N, N, E (outside Macs Studio gate),
LOOK GUARD (checking everyone), TALK TO GUARD (asks if you have a pass), SHOW PASS (he opens the
gate), E (into Macs Studio), S (producer's office), LOOK PRODUCER, TALK TO PRODUCER (he is
looking for new faces and tells you to get a screen test), N, N (stage 1), LOOK CAMERAMAN, TALK TO
CAMERAMAN (he does your test and tells you to take it to the producer), S, S (back to producer),
GIVE FILM (he says you are hired and to go to wardrobe), N, E, S, E (wardrobe), LOOK WARDROBE
MISTRESS, TALK TO MISTRESS (she says to take a bakers suit to stage 2), W, N (stage 2), LOOK
DIRECTOR, TALK TO DIRECTOR (says to hurry), TO BE OR NOT TO BE (you are hit with a custard pie...
you are given a letter to someone in England who is looking for a Shakespearean actor), LOOK LETTER,
N, W, W, W (dock).

GO SHIP (you board the Queen Mary and sail to England... you are in Stratford-on-Avon), E, E, N
(backstage of playhouse), SHOW LETTER (go guard who says to go in), W (into playhouse), LOOK STAGE
(see carpet), LOOK CARPET (nailed down over something), E, S, W, N (auditorium), LOOK SEATS, GET
HAMMER, S, E, N, W (back to stage), GET NAILS (using hammer), LIFT CARPET (see skull), GET SKULL,
LOOK SKULL, NAIL CARPET (other wise someone trips and the game ends), GO STAGE (you finally finish
your soliloquy and are awarded a "Lizzy," the English equivalent of the Oscar... you live
the rest of your life doing Shakespeare.


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