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Voodoo Island (Voodoo_Island.txt)

Walkthrough for Voodoo Island

Many of the characters move around randomly, so if one person or another
is not present then wait for them or move around until they arrive.

Rocky Point
W Get tote. E. N. N. N. Open door. N. N.

Read book. S. U. N.

Echo Hall
Get frame. Look at frame carefully. Get photo. Drop frame. Put photo in tote.
N. N. Open door. W. W.

Get card. Put card in tote. E. E. U. Open door. Open bathroom door. N.

Break mirror. Get mirror. S. Open penthouse door. D. S.

Middle Hall
Open gate. D. Open gate.

Read book. Clerk, call taxi. N. N. E.

Jungle Road and Spider Web
Cut web with mirror. Drop mirror. W. W. W. W.

Open crypt. Look at crypt. Get necklace. Wear necklace. E. E. E.
(Pudding Lane) N. W. W.

Cane Fields
Get stick. E. E. E. E. Wait (for taxi). Ride donkey. (If won't let you ride
keep trying.)

Town and Father Xavier
N. Open door. N. Get photo. Father, tell me about photo. Put photo in tote.
Father, tell me about Moma (twice). S. S. Wait for taxi. Ride donkey.

Banana Grove and Moma
Remove necklace. Moma, tell me about Beauvais. Moma, tell me about girl.
Trade necklace. Wear shirt. Wait for taxi. Ride donkey.

Airfield and Randall
Kill Randall with stick. Get Randall. W. Put Randall in crypt. E. E. E. N.
W. W. W.

Cane Fields
Kill Bob with stick. Get Bob. (Walk to jungle road and go to cemetery,
using map; directions vary depending on where you meet Bob). Put Bob in
crypt. Close crypt. E. S.

Look at skeleton carefully. Get pouch. N. E.

Airfield Road and the Girl
open pouch. Drop stick. Get powder. Toss powder on girl. Drop pouch. Get
stick. Get girl. W. (Pudding Lane) Wait for taxi. Ride donkey (until you
reach Banana Grove).

Banana Grove and Moma
Give girl to Moma. Moma, tell me about doll. Wait for taxi. Ride donkey.
E. E. E. E. E. N. Climb tree.

In Tree
Get doll. D. S. E. Open gate. E. E. Open door. S.

Vestibule and Beauvais
Kill Sharleen with stick. Drop stick. Get Sharleen. Tear doll (when Beauvais
arrives). Drop doll. E. U. U. (Operating Room) Open coffin. Put Sharleen in
coffin. Close coffin. (Go to Dock).

Wait for seaplane. Climb on seaplane.

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