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Dragon Castle (Dragon_Castle.txt)

´╗┐Dragon Castle
(Commodore 64, by Paul Allen Panks)
Walkthrough by Mark Keiter

The game has no save option. You can use the snapshot image tool of the 
emulator to save, but this fixes the random number generator and battles may 
end up impossible to win. In that case, you have to start over.

n - n - up - e - get lantern - get rope - w - down - s - s - use lantern - s 
- up - e - get spellbook - get helmet - get chainmail - kill troll - w - down 
- kill hellhound - n - n - e - buy sword* - w - s - s - s - kill goblin - e - 
n - kill dragon  ==> The End.

*If you didn't collect enough gold from killing hellhound and troll, kill the 
goblin, the ghost and/or sell the rope in the shop (do NOT sell the rope 
before you collected the items up the tree).

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