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Quest for the Holy Something (Quest_for_the_Holy_Something_hints.txt)

by Craig Davies
Moonchild Software
Spectrum 148

This is a challenging, and engaging game for several reasons. The game has 
two parts, and you need to load the completed part 1 into part 2; then you 
need to re-load part 2 back into part 1 to drop the treasures, and then once 
again, return to Part 2 for the end game. There are some nice bits of humour 
with references to fairy tales and fantasy.


Part 1:
Don't take the note.

You need the rope more than once. Untying it doesn't work. Try pulling it.

Can't get out with the nugget? Read the walls where you found the rod for a 

The spider and web locations are an intriguing puzzle. Save and map your way 
first. Find your way to the bog. While there is no treasure to be found here, 
you do get points for getting there and getting out which allows you to see a 
door. To move around, pull the web. 

Stuck by a door you cannot open? Say the "magic" word (the one your mother 
taught you to say).

HELP is available in some locations.

The bus stop is important toward the end of the game. Ignore it until you get 
a hint to use it. You can explore the area now if you wish but you don't have 
a necessary object yet. If you WAIT where you eventually find yourself, 
someone comes who can give you a lift.

There are two buttons in the game. One should be pressed, the other ignored.

Before loading part 2, take the non-treasure items you found and haven't used 
on your travels. Once you drop a treasure you cannot pick it up again, but 
you can pick up the other objects. You need six objects, one which you have 
used before.

There is one red herring. 

Ignore the policemen.

There are twelve treasures in all, found in both Parts 1 and 2.

Part 2:

Can't get out of the Cobden area locations? CHEAT in the library.

Ignore the guard.

What to do with the princess? Do what Prince Charming did with Sleeping 
Beauty. You got the unexpected? Try it again.

Don't be too quick to leave the coffin location.

Can't get past Burke? Go to the larder and wait for something to happen.

What to do with the dragon?  An object you are carrying will save you the 
first time. Once you have his treasure, type HELP gives you a hint. WAIT 
until the opportune moment.

Lost in the middle of nowhere. WAIT until you are rescued, then choose your 
direction carefully.

Terri Sheehan

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