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Stalag (Stalag.txt)


by Paul Austin & Leroy C. Smith


Note, there are a number of other actions a player may perform to solve certain problems but it is
not necessary to overcome these problems.

Inventory, pick hole, look, s, drop needle, examine door, examine lock, w, n, e, examine hooks,
examine jacket (note the number), w, s, e, open lock, 660723, look, open door, look, s.

W, n, get canopener, s, e, n, w, get axe, n, w, examine table, get scissors, e, n, w, n, examine
locker, examine locker, get shovel, s, e, s, e, e, e, examine icebox, open tin, look, get ham, w, s,
drop ham, examine football, examine lacing, cut lacing, look, get key.

N, n, e, n, examine door, open padlock, open door, look, n, push beds, look, drop canopener, drop
scissors, get tiles, look, get boards, look, d, e (you are on the eastern edge of the camp so this
is the most likely direction for getting out of the camp), dig tunnel, look, u.


Written by Alastair for the Classic Adventure Solution Archive (CASA)