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Aftermath (Aftermath-hints.txt)

Spectrum Computing
Spectrum 48


This is a challenging, though engaging game for several reasons:

Some things cannot occur until other actions are completed first. Some verbs are challenging to
find. For example to turn on the torch, the verb you need is “activate”. Don’t worry, it will
not run out of light. 

PRESS the colour of the button, not the button itself.

SEARCH and/or EXAMINE everything you see. Read room descriptions very carefully, as the odd hint is
sometimes given. SMELL is not a verb this game recognizes.

Neither is WAIT despite what the leaflet says.

There are no red herrings.

At least one object is needed twice. It does not need to be tied to the wire in one place, but it
does not matter if it is.

Toward the end of the game there is a tedious re-tracing of steps needed. Would have been a tidier
game without this.

I believe all objects you find lying about are necessary. Though they are not the only ones you

Try JUMPing Up or DOWN when you think you need to.

British terminology is used.

Yes, you do need to get into the store and behind the locked door and into the duct and deal with
the brushwood.

HELP is available in some locations. Though not necessarily used in those locations. 

Terri Sheehan and Juan

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