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Ice Princess, The (ice_princess.txt)

"Ice Princess" step-by-step solution by pjg
This is not the "official" solution.
Feel free to write and upload a better solution if you want to.
Otherwise, corrective modifications to this
solution are welcomed and encouraged.

For game Release 8 / Serial number 960901
Other game releases may be slightly different

Many of the actions in this game are worded according
to "How do you do it" instead of "What do you want to do"
If you get stuck then consult the relevant
section of the solution for help.

You will earn 5 point for visiting places, 5 for finding things,
and 120 for doing various actions.
Takes about 315 moves.
Comments and earned/total points are in ()
(your purpose in this game is to heal
 the fawn and "save" the castle girl)

The beginning
Get skates then wear it
X girl
N (5/5)
N, NW, N, NE
Ask woodcutter about axe
Get axe. Chop wood (5/10)
(he will give you his key)

SW, S, E, NE
Unlock door with key
Drop key
Open door
Get all
(x carvings)
 S, SW, W, NE
Get candle
E, E
save "s10"

The house
X well
Enter well
Chop ice with axe
(you will fall into the cellar)
Drop axe
Hold candle in fire
(this will light the candle)

Get jar
Search garbage
Get rope (5/15)
Repair skates with rope (10/25)
Look under the carpet (5/30)
(you will find the key to the front door)
Unlock front door with key
Open front door
Drop key
save "s30"

The Castle (first visit)
W, W, NE
Talk to boy
U, W (10/40)
(you will fall into the castle garden)
Get all
Search bushes
Push lever
(this will open the portcullis)
Enter moat
Wear skates
(you skate around the castle)
Turn crank
(lower the drawbridge)
Get out
Drop skates

Give ball to boy (5/45)
Get toboggan
(you must gather the ingredients to heal the fawn)
save "s45"

The Healer
S, SW, W
Read sign
Open Door
(ask healer about liquid)
(ask healer about herbs)
Tell healer about fawn
(now you "know" the three ingredients)
S, S
X slope
Drop toboggan
Sit on toboggan (5/50)
(the toboggan is still back at the top of the hill!)

The Bear and the Cat
Get fish
(the bear won't let you have the fish)
Shoot into air (5/55)
Get fish
W, N, E
E, E, E
Give fish to cat (5/60)
(another key)
Get key
Unlock cupboard with key
Drop key
Open cupboard
Get can
X can
(you need someone to identify the can)
save "s60"

First Ingredient
W, W, W
W, NW, N, N
Ask healer about can
(you need to return in about 15 moves)
Get flyer then read it
Ask guardian about cavern
(you need to send him some visitors)
SE, S, E, E
X snowdrops
Get snowdrop
W, W, N, N
Give snowdrop to healer
Ask healer about can
(let's go help the Guardian)
S, S, E, E
save "s61"

Second Ingredient
Spray can on children
Drop can
(you need to LOOK for about 10 moves
 until the children lose their ball)
Show flyer to children (5/65)
(the children take the flyer)
W, W, N
Ask guardian about crystal
Ask guardian for crystal
(he will give you a piece)
S, SE, N
Give piece to healer
(one more ingredient to find)
S, S, SE
E, N, N
N, U, W
Get towel then drop it
(x towel)
Put mirror on hook
save "s65"

Third Ingredient
(notice the west wall...)
Hold candle in mirror
Put reflections in jar (20/85)
Drop candle

The Table Game
X table
(please register this game to understand the table puzzle.
 you must take 2 sets of 4 objects and shuffle them into
 a 1212... pattern in 4 turns)

Play game
Move 4 to 11
Move 7 to 4
Move 10 to 7
Move 3 to 10
(the golden doors will unlock)
save "s85"

The Riddle
(as far as I know, the riddle has no answer!)
Say the
Say riddle
Say has
Say no
Say answer
(say any 5 things to be kicked
 out and get a heart of ice)

(let's go back to the healer)
D, S, S
S, W, NW
N, N
Give jar to healer
(you will be given the ointment)
S, S, SE
E, NE, N
Heal wound with ointment
(the girl will now be in the kitchen)
save "s86"

The Kitchen Girl
S, SW, E, E
Remove coat
Get flower
Put flower in pocket
(good thing you have a heart of ice)
W, W, N
N, E
X painting
(actually, one of the "summer" paintings
 is really the "autumn" painting)
X spring

W, W
Get bucket
Talk to girl
Ask girl about father
Ask girl about lord
Ask girl about riddle
(Ask girl about shadow)
Remove coat
Get flower
Give flower to girl
(the girl will run home)

The Farm
E, S, S
(where did she go?)
(the girl will sometimes jump out of the east bushes)
E, E, E
Fill bucket
(you need some water)
Talk to girl
Talk to farmer
(you need to find his watch and make spring come early)
save "s87"

The Wolf
S, W, N
(the bear, again)
W, W, S
SW, E, E, E
Pour water on fire (10/95)
Drop bucket
E, E
Get meat
W, W
W, W, SE
X wolf
Give meat to wolf
(you have made a friend)
N, E, E, N
(the bear, again)
Blow whistle (5/100)
Drop whistle

(you will find the farmer's watch)
Get watch
S, E, N
Give watch to farmer (5/105)
(now you must make spring come early)
Ask girl about father
Get calendar then x it
save "s105"

S, W, W
W, S, SW
N, N
(notice the shadow, the shadow appears the second time
 you enter the castle after healing the fawn)
X spring
(the painting has changed!)

X shadow
(if the shadow can do it, then so can we...)
Enter spring
X dog
(guard dog)
Throw branch out of the spring painting (10/115)
(the dog will leave)
(open bag)
X old
Get old then drop it
Put new on hook
Turn new (February)
Turn new (March, spring time!)
Wake man
(the man will run out, it is now spring time!)
(get branch)
W, S, S
NE, N, E
save "alldone"

E (15/130)