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Colours (colours.txt)


First of all, type HINT or HELP. This command will tell you a basic
strategy for solving the game. The rest of this walkthrough will 
follow that same plan.

Spoiler space...

1. Start with the turtle.

In order to get anywhere in the game, you need to extract the gold
egg from the turtle. It is woven inside, so you need to find a way 
to open the turtle.

Get the scissors and use them to open the turtle.

There is still a problem: the turtle snaps at you. You need to keep
its mouth shut in order to take the egg.

The brat fires a rubber band at you. Take the rubber band and put
it around the turtle's mouth. You may then take the egg.

There is a white coin inside the gold egg, but the egg is too
slippery to open. You need to get more traction for your grip 
in order to open it.

Find the work glove. Wear it. This will help.

But not entirely, because it only helps for one hand. You need to
use something else to help both hands, and it isn't the oven mitt.

Use the rubber band again. Put the rubber band on the egg, wear the
glove, and you will be able to open the egg.

2. Determine the meaning of the coloured coins.

The coins fit into the slot in each coloured room. Pushing the
button in any coloured room will do nothing unless a coin is in 
the slot. Not all coins work in all slots. The message you get 
when you insert a coin clues you to whether it will be helpful 
or not.

If the coin "plunks happily" into the slot, it will be of use.

Try the black coin in the black room to get an idea of what a coin
of matching colour does when the button is pressed.

At the moment, you don't have any coins other than the black one
that match a particular room. The white coin is the key to finding 
the rest of the coins.

Try the white coin in various coloured rooms and see if it does

The white coin will change the black room into a grey room and the
red room into a pink room. It is possible to restore the black and 
red rooms after they have changed.

You can get the black room back again by inserting the black coin
in the grey room's slot. You will need the red coin in order to 
change the pink room back again.

The receptacles are also important. Items that match a coloured
room's colour must be placed in that room's receptacle. When 
you have placed all of the possible coloured items into a room's 
receptacle, something special will happen. If you do not have 
all of the items, a number will flash telling you how many total 
items you need to locate.

Not all of the items are immediately available. The various people
you meet in each of the non-coloured rooms are carrying them.

3. Address each person you meet with a special word. 

The main puzzle of the game is determining the word list and then
deciding which word matches which character.

To use a word on a character, use the form CHARACTER, WORD. For


would work if there were such a character in the game.

4. The words have been given to you in clued form.

So, where are these words?

Look at the crumpled paper that the author throws down.

The words are hidden within the text he has written.

Depending on the screen width of your interpreter, it may be 
more helpful at first to look at the included graphic file, 

Read down the leftmost column of letters, all of which are

It forms an acrostic: PARALLEL LINES.

These are actually two separate clue words. There is a character in
the game who will respond to CHARACTER, PARALLEL; a different one 
will respond to CHARACTER2, LINES.

You have not met the characters who respond to these words even
though you have seen every room in the game.

These characters will appear after you use the appropriate words on
ones you have met.

So where are the rest of the words?

Each sentence in the crumpled paper's text forms an acrostic word
using the first letter of each word in the sentence.

The first word is PALLIATIVE.

Here is the full list of words:

 4 REACH		
 9 ABLE		
14 SLUR		
15 LITHE		
18 SPY		
19 NASTY		
20 BRAY		
21 LAITY		
26 LINES 	

Some of these words are easier to match to characters in the 
game than others. With a little work, you should be able to get 
through the list on your own.

Here is the full list of words and the characters they match with:

 1 PALLIATIVE	The Doctor
 2 ATTEMPT		The Climber
 3 FEEBLE		The Author
 4 REACH		The Comedian
 5 LIABILITY	The Lawyer
 6 ABSOLUTE		The Philosopher
 7 BLIGHT		The Naturalist
 8 LAMPLIGHT	The Seeker
 9 ABLE		The Carpenter
10 LASTING		The Artist
11 MISSAL		The Organist
13 LAWLESS		The Sheriff
14 SLUR		The Politician
15 LITHE		The Dancer
16 BEATNIK		The Poet
17 ITERATE		The Programmer
18 SPY		The Secret Agent
19 NASTY		The Critic
20 BRAY		The Farmer
21 LAITY		The Priest
22 EITHER		The Editor
23 IMMATURE		The Brat
24 SWISSMADEWATCH	The Clockmaker
25 PARALLEL 	The Gymnast
26 LINES 		The Actor
After you say each of these words to their matching character, you
should have collected every object in the game. Place them in their
respective receptacles.

Add the white coin to the black room to get the grey room.
Add the red coin to the yellow room to get the orange room.
Add the yellow coin to the blue room to get the green room.
Add the blue coin to the red room to get the purple room.
Add the green coin to the red room to get the brown room.
Add the white coin to the red room to get the pink room.

Once you have done all this, you will be able to walk through the
open portal from the room where the Chef originally was found.

Follow the tunnel all the way around and you will end up in the
white room.

The only useful items you should have left are the four white

Place them in the receptacle, insert the white coin, and push the

You win! Thanks for playing.