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Babel (babel_hints.txt)


# What's the point?
	Have you tried touching the glowing objects?
	As you touch more objects, more and more of the story is revealed.
	The calendar will help you put things in order once you get it.

# How do I open the doors with the card slots?
	Try finding a card for them.
	Have you looked at the junk in Brett's room?
	Look at the junk in Brett's room, then take the ID card.

# How do I open the entry door?
	Have you seen the vision that tells who shut the door?
	The vision in Brett's room (after the mirror episode) tells you who set the lock.
	Now, where would he go for inspiration?
	Look up 'Babel' in Brett's bible.
	Type "11:4" on the keypad.

# How do I open the safe?
	Well, where have you seen numbers in the station?
	Have you looked at the blotter on Jonas' desk?
	The combination is 29.

# How do I open the smaller door in the Entry Area?
	Have you touched the bulkhead?
	Try doing what Jonas' does in the vision.
	Push the panel.

# How do I unlock the doors in the residential area?
	The key is in the safe in Records II.

# How do I open the the other door in Dave's room?
	Have you noticed what happened to the door to get it stuck?
	Must have required a huge amount of strength to slam it that hard.
	It'll probably require the same sort of super-natural strength to open it.
	Have you found the vial marked HS-1?
	Have you asked HOSEA about HS-1?
	Pour the dark liquid into the syringe and inject it.

# How do I open the bulkhead at the East End?
	Have you examined the bulkhead in the light?
	That lose panel looks promising, but you can't remove it with your bare hands.
	Try prying it lose with the screwdriver.
	Hmm...annoying can you shut that off?
	Well, it runs on electricity doesn't it?
	Shut off the power, then try the release lever.

# How do I get light to the Gallery Junction?
	Would it help to know that there aren't any portable sources of light in the game? 
	As in the rest of the building, the lights only come on when the power is on.

# How do I keep the bulkhead open after I turn the power back on?
	Turning the power on when the door is open automatically shuts it again.
	What if the mechanism were unable to shut the door?
	Have you looked at the bulkhead when it's open?
	Have you examined the grooves?
	If you stuck something large enough in one of the groves, it would block the door.
	Try putting the bar in the groove.
	Remember, you can only do this when the bulkhead is open.
	You need to turn off the power, open the bulkhead, block it, and then turn on the power.

# How do I get light into the dark room?
	That dark room is the Atrium Gallery.
	Have you asked HOSEA about the gallery?
	Have you asked HOSEA about the filters?
	Have you examined the sliders next to the door?
	HOSEA says that light can be blocked if any of the filters are on the same setting.
	To get light, make sure that none of the filters are on the same setting.

# How do I saftely enter the south door in the gallery junction?
	First, you'll need the power on in order to use the ID card.
	Better read that warning by the way.
	There's a toxin in the room, that will kill you if you go in unprotected.
	So protect yourself.
	Wear the radiation suit when you enter the toxin gallery.

# How do I get into the cabinet in Lab Hall I?
	The lock is impervious to physical attacks, fire, water and pretty much anything else.
	Those hinges look pretty weak though.
	Hmm...well, they're weaker than the lock, but physical attacks still aren't working.
	What else destroys metal?
	Can't find any acid? Try reading the battery.
	Open the battery with the screwdriver, and pour the acid on the cabinet hinges.

#How do I make the anti-toxin?
	First you'll have to locate and combine a sample of the toxin with the anti-toxin base.
	Then you'll have to radiate it to make it active.
	Finally, just inject the activated formula.

#How do I radiate the inactive anti-toxin?
	You're going to need some patience for this one.
	Try putting the inactive formula in the chamber and pushing the button.
	Ok, close the door first.
	Seal it?  Try the white switch.
	Safety measures...try inserting the green card.
	Now you'll need to set the correct intensity.
	Have you seen the vision in Brett's room?
	The correct setting is 414.
	Appropriate container...are we getting annoyed yet?
	Well, the vials are too small and the syringes aren't secure.
	The flask has a tight fitting cap though.
	Better wash it out first though.

#How do I get the anti-toxin from the hot chamber?
	Well, what on the control panel haven't you used?
	Try the blue button.
	Oh, better inject that stuff quick, it degenerates in a few turns.

#How do I clean the flask?
	There are two ways actually.
	You can either use the water bowl in the cage or...
	Put the open flask in the radiation chamber and use the blue button to hit it with water.