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Slap That Fish (Slap_That_Fish.txt)

This walkthrough was made specifically for the Competition version of SLAP THAT FISH. This
walkthrough is designed to get you to the end of the game, but NOT designed to get you the most


The object of the game, in short, is to punch, kick, slap, and backhand a bunch of unruly fish.
Anyway, they are the ones that won't stop staring.

For the first few rounds, no walkthrough is necessary. A combination of the above actions, plus the
occasional REST recoup your stamina, will get you through. You cannot die. There are optimum fight
combinations for each of these early fish, which I will leave you to discover on your own. When you
get past the TUNA, and are still stuck, keep reading.


A hole is knocked in the wall, you'll want to reach into the hole a few times to pull out a mop
handle and a piece of paper, at least. Also pick up the brick. Next you will face the SWORDFISH.


To defeat the swordfish, you will need to hit it with the mop handle, and then, while its bill is
parried by the handle, beat it thoroughly. Eventually the swordfish will shatter the handle, and
you'll need to improvise with something else. Try your leg (a kick ought to do it). Next you
will face the Pufferfish.


Make sure you rest up a bit before taking this one on, or you'll be killed. You can't use
your hands to fight it, so try to hit the pufferfish with the mop handle (what's left of it) or
the brick. Next you will face the SHARK.


OK, there is no way you can defeat this one without making a helpful tool with the items you have
collected. I hate to spoil this, so stop reading and start trying. If you still aren't sure,
try doing something with that piece of paper you found. More after a bit.

SHARK, part 2

A piece of paper to fight a shark? You are kidding, right? Not at all. Roll the paper up into a
tight tube. Then, take the needle you are carrying (a splinter from when the mop handle broke) and
stab the dead pufferfish with it, to get it all poisoned up. Then, put the needle in the rolled up
paper. Hey, you know what to do from here.

But, that still won't kill the shark. Next you'll need to figure out how to stop it from
biting off your extremities and killing you. Have you looked at its mouth? Try doing that
it-only-works-in-movies stunt of sticking the mop handle in there so it can't close its mouth.
Hey, its poisoned, so its pretty groggy and it just might work.

After that, you can beat it to a pulp, but be quick, or be dead. Maximize the damage you cause. I
recommend the brick.


No other opponents will come until you figure out what to do with the dead shark. Examine it, get
the broken handle out of its mouth, and use that to cut it open. Right about then, the ELECTRIC EEL
shows up.


Have you tried hitting the eel? Hurts, doesn't it? You could try searching in the shark guts
for something that would help you. But actually, the eel won't let you pick them up. To fight
the eel, you'll need to wear a rubber glove. You don't have a rubber glove? Oh, oh. Well,
reach into that opening again. Remember the bucket? Reach into that. Now we've got something.
Unfortunately, the second you defeat the EEL, the PIRANHA shows up. This is gonna hurt.


Well, its only fun until someone loses an eye. You can't fight the piranha without wearing the
gauntlet lying there in the shark guts. Make sure you've got plenty of health before you try to
pick it up. After that, beat the snot out of the little chomper. Watch your stamina -- the piranha
makes random sneak attacks that can kill you unexpectedly if you are low. 


This fish is not really that difficult. Only trouble is, you can't fight him, because he keeps
blinding you. Have you noticed the delivery boy? He has something you need. Boy, throw the shades to
me! Now the fight is on, and you look ultra-cool, to boot.


Well, this is the big daddy. You'll never defeat it without mastering Buddha's Palm, the
instructions for which are written on the steel tablet that was lying in the shark guts. Get it,
read it, follow it to the letter, no pauses, and make sure you are not wearing any gloves. And
that's it! You've won!