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Eno (Eno.txt)


by Paul Austin and Leroy C. Smith


GET RUG, W, EXAMINE TABLE, LOOK, OPEN BOOK, READ BOOK (so the cat is called Eno, which is one
backwards), E, GET BOARD, LOOK (the late Eno?), EXAMINE CAT, E, E, EXAMINE TV (Channel 11), N,
EXAMINE TANK (29 goldfish plus the remains of 1 gives 30), W, W, EXAMINE PICTURE, GET PICTURE, LOOK,
OPEN SAFE, 1, 30, 11 (there may be a method for working out the combination numbers, but there
appears to be no means other than trial and error to discover the order - perhaps it is based on the
US date format?), LOOK, GET BUCKS.


Written by Alastair for the Classic Adventure Solution Archive (CASA)