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Shellshock (Shell_Shock.txt)

Corrupt Code
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

Red Herrings:
Jacket, Toothbrush, Jar of Ink, Machine Gun, Picture and Book.

Walk Through:
(Start somewhere in the Davril Mountains), S, S, IN (cave), GET HELMET, EXAMINE HELMET (your war
helmet), WEAR HELMET, OUT, N, E, D (to valley), E, E, N (back garden), GET hedge CLIPPERS, S, W
(outside holiday house), EXAMINE MAT (in the graphic - you find a key), GET KEY, UNLOCK DOOR, DROP
KEY, IN (living room), W (kitchenette), EXAMINE PRESS (you find a cask), GET CASK, EXAMINE CASK
(salt is written on it), GET CUP, EXAMINE CUP (empty), E, N (into bedroom), EXAMINE BED (underneath
is a pair of climbing boots), GET BOOTS, EXAMINE BOOTS, WEAR BOOTS, S, OUT, W, W, W (burrow),
EXAMINE BURROW (you find a dead rabbit), GET RABBIT, S, W, S (to small clearing), D (to dark
hollow), DROP CASK, U (back to clearing), 	ROLL LOG (it rolls down the hill), D (into hollow where
the log has smashed the cask), GET SALT (in the container), PUT SALT IN CUP, U, S (deep in green
forest), E, E (by dense gorse), CUT GORSE (using the hedge clippers), DROP CLIPPERS.

W, W, N, N, E, N, E, E (into valley), U (high mountains), N (base of cliff), E, E, D (to quarry),
GET HAMMER, N (outside porto-cabin), GIVE RABBIT TO TERRIOR (it runs off with the rabbit), IN
(foreman's cabin), EXAMINE DESK, GET NAILS, OUT, S, U (trail), W, W (to base of cliff), CLIMB
CLIFF (to meadow - must be wearing the boots), READ SIGN (says to keep north), N, N (embankment).

W (by large fence surrounding a building - note if you examine the fence you will be electrified),
CRAWL UNDER FENCE (to courtyard), N (outside building), THROW SALT AT GUARD (you throw it at his
face and he falls to the ground rubbing his eyes), DROP CUP, IN (to corridor), N (to end of
corridor), U (into dormitory), EXAMINE BUNKS, GET THREAD, EXAMINE THREAD (strong and 4ft. long),
EXAMINE CAN (filled with petrol), OUT, CRAWL UNDER FENCE, S, S, D (to base of cliff).

W, S, W (outside hut), KNOCK ON DOOR (an old man opens it and invites you in), IN, GIVE TOBACCO (he
is pleased and offers you a microlite kit), GET KIT, EXAMINE KIT (need tools to build it), OUT, E,
E, D (into valley), W, DROP CAN, GET STICKS, MAKE BOW (using the sticks and thread - you use the
left over sticks as arrows), W, S, W (into green forest), S, S, E, E (dense gorse), E (beside
sycamore tree).

E, E, E (to entrance to cave where you encounter a mountain lion), FIRE ARROW (the lion dies and you
discard the broken bow and the arrows), ENTER CAVE, SLIDE DOWN CHUTE (the helmet protects you from
all the knocks... you have fallen into a dark cavern), GET CRANK SHAFT, EXAMINE CRANK SHAFT (a
handle for starting engines), SLIDE DOWN CHUTE (again the helmet protects you... you are back at the
start location in the Davril Mountains).

S, E, D (into valley), W, W (burrow), S, W, S, S (deep in green forest), E, E, E, E (into forest), S
(marshy ground), S (by river bank), W, DROP MICROLITE, DROP CRANK SHAFT, E, N, N, W, W, W, W, W, N,
N, E, N, E (copse), GET CAN, W, S, W, S, S, E, E, E (beside sycamore tree), U, GET PLANKS, D, E, S,
S, W, REPAIR BOAT (using the planks, hammer and nails), GET CRANK SHAFT, GET MICROLITE, PUSH BOAT
(into the water), ENTER BOAT (you drift downstream... the quay is above you), U (standing on quay),
E (by power plant), U (you see border to the west), D, E, DROP CAN, GET WRENCH, N (muddy path), READ
SIGN (beware of the bull), OPEN GATE (the bull charges past), E (into field), BUILD MICROLITE (using
the wrench and hammer), DROP WRENCH, DROP HAMMER, W, S, GET CAN, N, E, FILL MICROLITE (with petrol),
START MICROLITE (using the crank shaft), ENTER MICROLITE, W (you touch down safely in Attland and
become a national hero etc. etc.).....

You have actually completed Shell Shock,

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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