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Gauntlet of Meldir (Gauntlet_of_Meldir.txt)

Written by Sheila Hunt
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

1. It is necessary to use the abbreviation L for Look.
2. Understands TAKE not get.

Walk Through
(Start in a medieval town), W (wishing well), RAISE BUCKET, TAKE COIN, E (church), L (see a marble
sculpture of an angel), TAKE ANGEL, E (market place where a play is being performed), L (one of the
players is handing around a hat), GIVE COIN (you are given a spear), W, N (gatehouse), N (field), N
(bridge over river where you see a fish), SPEAR FISH, TAKE FISH, DROP SPEAR, S, W, W (farmhouse
kitchen with a roaring fire), COOK FISH, EAT FISH (find a golden ring inside), TAKE RING, S
(stable), L (find a rusty sword beneath a pile of hay), TAKE SWORD, N, E (field of dead sheep), TAKE
SHEEP, E, N, N, E (mountain), DROP SHEEP, S (narrow ledge), S (meet a hermit who requests a gift),
GIVE RING (he tells you that it is the Abbot's ring and to take it to him), N, TAKE SHEEP, E
(rocky place where a pack of hungry wolves encircle you), DROP SHEEP (the wolves are now occupied).

S, E, E (orchard), L (see a rope hanging from a tree), CUT ROPE, TAKE ROPE, DROP SWORD, S (monastery
gardens), S (monastery), L (abbot asks for a gift), GIVE RING (he gives you an ancient stone in
return), N, N, E, E (village fair), TAKE KNIFE, N (standing stones), L (meet druid), GIVE STONE
(gives you a magic spell in return), N (series of rock-hewn passages), N, N, W, S, S, N, W (wild
country where a grizzly bear attacks), USE MAGIC (bear turns to stone), W, W (forest), L (see
mistletoe), CUT MISTLETOE (you feel it's magic power), DROP KNIFE, W, N, N, N, N
(woodcutter's cottage), L, TAKE SHOVEL, DROP MISTLETOE, N (by lake), L (see a boat stuck in the
mud), USE SHOVEL (you dig out the boat), MOVE BOAT (you float it in the lake), ENTER BOAT (now on
beach), N (pear grove), TAKE PEAR.

N (castle courtyard), N, E (kitchen), TAKE WINE, W, W (bedchamber), TAKE LANTERN, N, N (throne
room), DRINK WINE (feel stronger), EAT PEAR (feel much stronger), MOVE TAPESTRY (now in the round
tower), L (see casket), TAKE CASKET, OPEN CASKET, TAKE KEY (note the moat around the tower is full
of bubbling water), POUR OIL (on troubled waters - now calm), TIE ROPE, CLIMB ROPE (to freedom in
the pear grove), S (beach), DROP LANTERN, OPEN GATE (how?), USE KEY, E (chapel), L (see wooden chest
on the altar), OPEN CHEST (how?), USE KEY (find a prayer book), TAKE BOOK, READ BOOK, SAY PRAYER
(hear a ghostly voice), TAKE CANDLE, W (cloisters), L (by the light of the candle you see exits
north and south), N (graveyard), DROP CANDLE, L (see marble gravestone marked with an angel) PUT

You have found the Gauntlet of Meldir and will make great haste due north 
to Vandir, where you will be well rewarded for your bravery and cunning.

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