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Chips Are Forever (Chips_are_Forever.txt)

Written by Matthew Wilson
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

(Start inside a deep fat fryer), GET LIMBS (you take the arms and legs and climb out to work
surface), S (a cat sleeps below you), JUMP ON CAT (you land on the cat's back and finish up in
a mouse hole), MOVE  TRAP, (the cat runs away), GET THIMBLE, EXAMINE THIMBLE (it's the right
size to sit in), N, N, E (the cat is here sleeping), CLIMB ON CAT (back on the work surface near the
chip pan), N (by sink), SLIDE DOWN (into the water pipes), N (junction of pipes).

U (a monster in the pipe is after you), N, U (bathroom sink), U (chain to main section of bathroom),
GET MATCH, E (by bath which is full of water), PADDLE (you get in the thimble and row across to the
other side using the match), GET WRAPPER, PADDLE (back again), W (back at sink), TURN TAP (water
runs down the pipes), D (in sink), D (waste pipe), S, U (the monster has gone... you ride on the
soap packet and are flushed outside).

Well Done

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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