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Castle Eerie (Castle_Eerie.txt)

by Tartan Software
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

1. Make sure you turn the torch off when not needed as it has a limited life.
2. In the control room the blue lever switches off the alarm on the main gate and the green lever
switches on the power.

Walk Through
(Start at the door to Castle Eerie), INVENTORY (carrying a torch and a loaded gun), W, S (garden
hut), GET LADDER, EXAMINE LADDER (could possibly reach the top windows), N, E, DROP LADDER, W, N, E
(cloakroom), GET BAR (iron), N, W, S (storeroom), GET BROOM, N, E, E, N, N (it's dark), LIGHT
TORCH (you are in an old granary), OPEN TRAP (using the metal bar - see ladder leading down), D
(cellar with thick dust on the floor), SWEEP FLOOR (using broom - find something), LOOK (it was a
short plank), GET PLANK, U, S (back outside), EXTINGUISH TORCH, DROP BROOM, S, E, S, E (music room
where you see an old piano supported by a beer crate), EXAMINE PIANO, GET WIRE, W, N, W, W, W
(east/west corridor), S, W, N, W, N, W (study), OPEN DESK (locked), PICK LOCK (using wire), DROP
WIRE, OPEN DESK (find something), LOOK (it was a tattered book and a rusty saw), GET BOOK, READ BOOK
(tells of a secret passage), DROP BOOK (leave the saw until later).

N, E (grandfather clock), EXAMINE CLOCK (stopped), OPEN CLOCK (door falls off), SEARCH CLOCK (find
something), LOOK, GET KEY, W, N (dining room), GET NEWSPAPER, READ NEWSPAPER (read an article about
a gang of counterfeiters), DROP NEWSPAPER, E, N, N (foot of stairs), U (landing - there is a guard
above), WAIT (until the guard leaves), U, S (top landing where the guard in the alcove to the west
doesn't see you), S (there is a locked door to the west), UNLOCK DOOR (using key), DROP KEY, W
(small bedroom), GET COAT, BREAK CUPBOARD (using the bar - find something), LOOK, GET HAMMER, E, S
(end of corridor), LAY PLANK (across the rotting floorboards), S, U (turret room), GET OIL, D, N, N,
N, W (master bedroom), GET MATCHES, E, GET BOARD (floorboard), N, D, D (foot of stairs).

S, W, S, S, S (back to study), GET SAW, OIL SAW, DROP OIL, E, S, E, S, E, N, E, E, E, S, E (music
room), N, E, N (corridor by a table and you see photo-electric beams), LAY BOARD (between the
tables), E (armoury), S (control room), PULL BLUE LEVER (switches off the main gate alarm), N, W, S,
(otherwise the guard will notice and catch you), E, S, E, N, E, N, E, S (back to control room),
PRESS BLUE LEVER, PULL GREEN LEVER (the lights come on), N, W, N, N, N (foot of stairs), U (landing
where the stairs have collapsed leaving a hole), EXTEND LADDER, LAY LADDER (spans the hole), D, S,
S, S, S, W, S (music room), W, N, W, W, W, S, W, N, W, N, N (grandfather clock).

W, N, N (kitchen), OPEN HATCH, W (dark), LIGHT TORCH (in a small lift), PULL ROPE (go down), E
(cellar), BREAK BOX (using hammer - find something), LOOK, GET HANDLE, W (lift), PULL ROPE (go up),
(empty), S, S, S, S, S (safe), EXAMINE HANDLE (symbol stamped on it AX34), FIT HANDLE (to safe),
DIAL AX34, TURN HANDLE (safe opens - find something), LOOK, GET SILENCER, FIT SILENCER (to gun), N,
E, S, E, S (staffroom), GET BOOTS (rubber), E, N, E, S, W (dirty toilet with a dripping tap), FILL
BOTTLE, E, N, E, E, S, E (music room).

N, E, N, N, N, N (foot of stairs), U, U (ladder drops into the hole), S (landing where you see a TV
camera on the wall), HANG COAT (over the camera), S, S, S (vicious dog is tied to the rail), FEED
DOG (with haggis - it loses interest in you), U (turret room), PRESS BUTTON (it glows red and opened
a panel in the alcove), D, N, N, E (rest room where a guard is pointing a gun at you), SHOOT GUARD
(got him), DROP GUN, GET OVERALLS, EXAMINE OVERALLS (find something), LOOK (it was an identity tag),
GET TAG, E (lift), PULL ROPE (go down), W, W, S, E, S (control room), PRESS GREEN LEVER (lights go
out), N, W, N, E, N, N (alcove), D (it's dark), LIGHT TORCH (bottom of rung ladder), W (steel
barred gate with a chain fastening), SAW CHAIN (using saw - gate is open), W (cellar), N, E, N, W, S
(brightly lit cellar entrance with a steel grid to the west), EXTINGUISH TORCH, WEAR OVERALLS,
REMOVE SHOES, WEAR BOOTS, WEAR TAG, W (office with a guard sitting at a table), S (guard lets you
pass if wearing tag and overalls), S, S, W (room containing forged money), GET ROCKET (signal).

E, E, N, LIFT TELEPHONE, DIAL 999 (you inform the police that you have discovered the secret of the
castle and that an armed gang is using it for their activities... you intend to capture them and
make your escape when you will signal for help... you ask them to rescue you), DROP TELEPHONE, S
(anteroom where you see a steel panel with a rotary switch), EXAMINE PANEL (there's a hole on
top), POUR WATER (in the hole... the lights flicker and the machinery stops... you hear men running
towards you), W (the gang are chasing you), W, W, N, N (bosses' office), TURN SWITCH (opens
steel door), S, W, W (dark), LIGHT TORCH (in a cavern), S (cave entrance where a beam lays across a
crevasse - the gang is still chasing you), MOVE BEAM (it falls into the crevasse preventing the gang
from catching you), S (sandy beach - you hear shouts of men falling in the crevasse), LIGHT MATCH,

Your flare is seen by a police helicopter hovering overhead.
You are rescued and the gang is rounded up.

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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