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Bulbo and the Lizard-King (Bulbo_and_The_Lizard_King_John_Wilson.txt)

Written by John Wilson
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

The Grand Elf has sent you on a quest to defeat the old tyrant Stratos who has grown goo big for his

Walk Through
(Start in the market place), INVENTORY (carrying a leather pouch and a crystal dagger), EXAMINE
POUCH (contains a number of gold coins, some pipeweed and a tiny ring), EXAMINE COINS, EXAMINE RING,
EXAMINE DAGGER, HIRE ELF, EXAMINE ELF, W, S (alley), EXAMINE DONKEY (around it's neck is a rope
and it is carrying a backpack), GET ROPE (he becomes a member of your party), N, NE, N (forgotten
forest), E, NW (see sign pinned to a tree), READ SIGN, N, SE (tiny clearing where you meet an angry
dragon), EXAMINE DRAGON (has a tear in it's left wing), SEARCH BACKPACK (find some sticky tape
which you attach to the dragon's wing... it leaves but will aid you later).

N, N, S, S, NW (middle of forgotten forest where you see a large boulder), ROLL BOULDER (back along
the twisting path... this seals in a large rat preventing you from passing... now at northern edge
of forest), W (bottom of grassy slope), N, E (paved highway), E, E, SE (a marauding band of Orcs are
camped across the path), HIDE (in the bushes... the Orcs move on), E (high stone wall), LIFT DONKEY
(over the wall), U (top of wall), E (other side of wall), GET ROPE (of donkey), SE, NE (edge of
small chasm), DROP ROPE (donkey), JUMP CHASM, SE (small cave), EXAMINE CAVE (in various niches in
the walls were small bags and bottles), WAIT (the elf picks up a pouch of unicorn dust), U (small
cave where you see a scruffy hermit), EXAMINE HERMIT (leave him), D, JUMP CHASM, GET ROPE (donkey).

W (base of mountain where you see a lean hungry wolf), EXAMINE WOLF, SEARCH BACKPACK, FEED WOLF
(with the brown cakes - it goes away), U (a rockfall blocks a narrow path), MOVE ROCKS, U, U
(plateau), D (green valley), SW, E (edge of lake), WAIT (the dragon you helped earlier carries you
and your party across the lake - note you must be holding the donkey's rope), READ SIGN (the
Grand Alf is fed up waiting and has gone home), EXAMINE TROLLS, GET SPADE (trolls won't let
you), STEAL SPADE (when trolls aren't looking - your hide it in the backpack), SE (you go
through a door back to the market place).

W, NW, S (rocky trail where you see a small sand lizard), EXAMINE LIZARD (it scurries off), S (meet
a large hairy bear), EXAMINE BEAR, ARCHER HELP (he shoots the bear), S, E, U (wide ravine), CLIMB
CAREFULLY (up embankment), N (ledge), U, U (top of cliff), SE, W, S (swiftly flowing river), EXAMINE
RIVER, GIANT HELP (he builds a boat with wood from the nearby trees), SAIL BOAT (across river), N
(see a large spider's web), DWARF HELP (he looks the spider in the eye and frightens it away),
SE, E, NW (quarry), DIG SAND (using the spade nicked from the trolls - reveals an entrance to a
tunnel - don't enter yet).

SE, W, NW (web), S (river), SAIL BOAT, N, E, NW (top of cliff), D, D (ledge), S, D, D (rising path),
W, N, N, SE, E, NW, N (market place), SACK DWARF, DROP ROPE (donkey is no longer a member of your
party, as you are only allowed four members at a time), HIRE ELF, HIRE THIEF, EXAMINE THIEF, S, SE,
W, NW, S, S (rocky trail), E, U, CLIMB CAREFULLY, N (ledge), U, U (top of cliff), SE, W, S (river),
SAIL BOAT, N, (web), SE, E, NW (to where you dug the tunnel), ENTER TUNNEL (see tiny golden beetles
- note if you examine them they run off and you won't be able to see), E, SW, SE (a fallen oak
tree is across the path), EXAMINE TREE (it has been uprooted by a powerful creature), CLIMB OVER
(the fallen tree), SE.

E (castle doors), EXAMINE ALCOVE (see a guard), ARCHER HELP (kills him with an arrow), THIEF HELP
(he picks the lock on the door), IN (castle main hall), EXAMINE TAPESTRY, W, N (stairs), U, S
(landing), READ NOTICE (too dusty), CLEAN NOTICE, READ NOTICE, NW (edge of gaping pit in an oval
room lined with columns), EXAMINE PIT (dark and deep), ALL PUSH (column falls across the pit), CROSS
COLUMN, E (northwest corridor), NW, E, E, S (by oak door where you meet the winged Guardian of
Stratos), EXAMINE GUARDIAN, ELF HELP (he kills the guardian with the unicorn dust), S (closed stone
slab), SAY MOVE (slab opens), S (flight of dusty steps), U, SW (last room bar one), EXAMINE SLAB (in
the centre is a depression), PUT DAGGER (in depression - it glows with a strange blue light), RUB
DAGGER (slab slides to reveal a flight of steps leading down into darkness), D (steps to vast
underground cavern where you meet Stratos the Lizard-King), JOIN HANDS, THINK HATE (Stratos says it
will take more than that), THINK DRAGON (a blue dragon appears and drags the Lizard King into a
hole... his reign of tyranny is over), EXAMINE HOLE (possibly something down there), INSERT HAND (in
the hole - find the gold which you share with your companions).

Bilbo has triumphed again.

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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