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Bounty Hunter (Bounty_Hunter.txt)

Bruce Robinson (Victory Software)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

You must capture all five members of the notorious oil gang and return the stolen bullion to collect
the reward money.

1. Understands LOOK not examine and has a limited vocabulary.
2. Only understands the first TWO letters.
3. You must type GO HICKORY, for example, in order to move from location to location 

Walk Through
(Start at home), LOOK SAFE (there's plenty of room inside), GO HICKORY (junction), LOOK
BILLPOST (reward for capture of the notorious oil gang and return of stolen bullion), GO TUMBLEWEED
(saloon), INVENTORY (you have a gun and some money), LOOK MIRROR (see a cowboy in a ten gallon hat -
yourself), GO GAMBLING (table), LOOK POKER (game), LOOK DALTON (boys - they don't look
trustworthy), LOOK CARDS (they're marked), PLAY POKER (you seem to be losing money, what do you
want to do?), CHEAT (it worked and you took the whole pot), GO HICKORY (junction), GO LIVERY
(stable), GET HORSE, LOOK HORSE (see a rope, canteen and black saddle), LOOK CANTEEN (see whiskey),
GO ROAD (out of town where you meet apaches), LOOK APACHES (see warpaint), GIVE WHISKEY (who to?),
APACHES (they still want more), GIVE GUN (who to?), APACHES (good bargaining, they went away).

GO RIVER, GO DESERT (while crossing the river you slipped and fell in), GET FLINT, LOOK DEAD (trees
- see branches), GET BRANCHES (ignore the cactus - a red herring), GO DODGE (city - you need to dry
your clothes first), LIGHT MONEY (what with?), FLINT, LIGHT BRANCH (what with?), MONEY (your clothes
are now dry), GO DODGE (city), LOOK TROUGH (see muddy water), LOOK MUDDY (too dirty to see past the
surface), GET MUDDY (water - in what?), HAT, LOOK TROUGH (see a revolver), GET REVOLVER, GET TROUGH,
GO SHERIFF'S (office), LOOK SIGN (deputies for hire - note the deputies can be posted at
strategic locations to make the oil gang run away - if a deputy is in a location the oil gang will
not return there), GET SMART (deputy), GET DUMB (deputy), GET DIRTY (deputy).

GO DODGE (city), GO DUSTY (trail), GET SAND, GO MINE (ignore the mountain lion as he won't
bother you), POST DUMB (deputy - Jessie Oil runs away), GO DUSTY (trail), GO DODGE (city), GO COW
(trail), GO OK (corral - you are in the sitting room), GO ROOT (cellar), LOOK BOOKCASE, GET
FARMER'S (almanac - the bookcase swings open revealing a secret passageway), LOOK FARMER'S
(almanac - find a key and a message), LOOK MESSAGE (translates to "Dear Uncle Leo, Let us in at
midnight, Shelly, PS How's Tonto?" - note the name Leo), GO SITTING (room), UNLOCK KITCHEN
(door using the key), GO KITCHEN, GET MATCHES, ARREST CLIVE (Oil), LOOK OLIVE (Oil - see a velvet
brassiere), LOOK VELVET (see a pistol), GET PISTOL, LOOK PISTOL (see bullets), PUT BULLETS (where?),
REVOLVER, GO JAIL (you escort Olive Oil to jail).

GO DODGE (city - Jessie, Sonny and Shelly helped Olive to escape), GO COW (trail), GO OK (corral),
GO ROOT (cellar), GO CAVERN (it's dark), LIGHT FARMER'S (almanac using matches - you see
stalactites, wolf, running water and a canoe - ignore the running water and leave the canoe as it is
rotten and would only sink), GET STALACTITES (they're too high), LASSO STALACTITES (using
rope), HIT WOLF (with what?), STALACTITE (it runs away), GO TUNNEL (see a Shelly Oil), POST DIRTY
(deputy - Shelly runs away), GO CAVERN, PUT SAND (where?), FIRE (you smothered it), GO ROOT
SITTING (room), GO COW (trail), GO DODGE (city), GO QUAKER (steak saloon), LOOK BAR (leave the
whiskey), LOOK ARCADE (game - for instructions), INSERT QUARTER (you now play the arcade game or
press F1 to stop the game early), GO DODGE (city).

GO BANK, LOOK VAULT (it was cleared out by the oil gang), LOOK DESK (see clerk and nameplate), LOOK
NAMEPLATE (says Jack Jones, Loan Arranger), LOOK CLERK (see diamond cufflinks), LOOK DIAMOND
(cufflinks - see monogram L.O. - these obviously don't belong to Jack Jones, therefore it must
be Leo Oil), ARREST LEO (Oil), GO JAIL, GO DODGE (city), GO COW (trail), GO OK (corral), GO KITCHEN,
POST SMART (deputy - Shelly and Olive Oil run away), GO SITTING (room), GO COW (TRAIL), GO DODGE
SHELLY (Oil), ARREST OLIVE (Oil), GO JAIL (good work, you captured all five members of the notorious
oil gang... in return for a lighter sentence they tell you that the gold is on an island), GO DODGE

GO MUDDY (trail), GO RIVER (note the fog is now gone), SWIM ISLAND, LOOK OAK (trees - see a crate
tied high in a tree and twine supporting the crate), SHOOT TWINE (the box falls to the ground and
breaks open - leave the splinters as they are useless), GET GOLD, SWIM RIVER (the gold is too
heavy), GO RIVER (in what?), TROUGH (note the canoe would have sunk to the bottom as it is rotted),
GO MUDDY (trail), GO DODGE (city), GO BANK.

After capturing the oil gang and returning the gold, 
you collected your reward money. 
 The townspeople were so pleased that they voted you in as sheriff for life!

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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