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Astrodus Affair (Astrodus_Affair.txt)

Written by Mark R. Turner
Walk Through be Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

(Start on the bridge of the Astrodus), EXAMINE BRIDGE (debris is blocking the path of the laser
beam), MOVE DEBRIS (the door slides open), EXAMINE GONTRA (he's dead), E (don't try to get
the log book or delay here as you will be sucked out through the hole into space), E, N (lounge),
GET APPLE, S, E (base of stairwell (there is a creature here blocking your path), EXAMINE CREATURE,
FEED TORTOR WITH APPLE, U, N (dank room), EXAMINE GENERATOR (it's on low power), EXAMINE
PLATING (an arrow points clockwise), ROTATE PLATING (it's now on full power and the air becomes
fresh and clean).

S, D, W, N, N (lengthy corridor - note if you go east you will be killed by the security beam),
CRAWL EAST (you pass beneath the sensor to Captain Gontra's quarters), EXAMINE CARPET (see
faint grooves leading to the filing cabinet), MOVE CABINET (you reveal a jagged hole), ENTER HOLE
(to a hidden room), GET CARD (electronic), ENTER HOLE, CRAWL WEST (under the security beam sensor),
S, S, W, W (bridge), EXAMINE DRAWER (it has a small slot at one edge), INSERT CARD (there's a
manual inside the drawer), DROP CARD, GET MANUAL, READ MANUAL (note the codes - R42D for heating,
ZA7Q for navigation, A51X turns the power on/off), S (control room), EXAMINE CONSOLE (covered in
buttons, knobs and controls), PUSH BUTTON ("Which one? - Each has it's own unique ID
code"), PUSH R42D (the heating is on), PUSH ZA7Q (a speaker exclaims "Insufficient
power"), DROP MANUAL.

N, E, E (cross section A), N, W, N (crew's mess), GET FOOD, EXAMINE FOOD, S, E, S, S (top of
steps), D (cross section B - note you must have turned the heating on first), GET GRENADE, EXAMINE
GRENADE, W (supplies room), GET ROPE, GET LASER (it's too high), E, U, N, E, U, S (a large
closed door blocks your way south), EXAMINE DOOR (as you approach a large mouth forms), GIVE FOOD TO
DOOR (it chews it then ejects it... it slowly metamorphoses into a sloft before dashing past you), S
(far end of grey corridor where an oxygen pipe has fractured), THROW GRENADE (it explodes freeing up
the east exit), DROP ROPE.

N, N, N (dank room), GET WIRE (mesh), S, D, W, W, W, S (control room - the sloft is here and will
now follow you), N, E, E, S, D, S (cargo bay 2 - a group drygars here spot the sloft who runs to the
supplies room with the drygars hot on his heels... he metamorphoses, grabs the laser from the
ceiling and vaporises one of them... the others flee... the sloft drops the laser and runs off), GET
LASER, E, S, S (cargo bay 1 - a lone drygar is here), SHOOT DRYGAR, DROP LASER, N, GET SEALANT
(container), N, W (supplies room), GET TORCH (broken), EXAMINE TORCH (could electrocute someone),

E, U, N, W (note the drygars clinging to the hole), W, S (control room), PUSH A51X (the power is off
and there's no light), PUT FILINGS IN VISIONER (it emits light), N, E, E, N (lounge), GET
GLOBE, S, W, W, S (control room), PUSH A51X (the power is back on), N, E (corridor with hole - you
are sitting on the globe which is hovering above the silver disc), ELECTROCUTE DRYGARS (using the
broken torch), REPAIR HOLE (using the sealant and wire mesh), DROP GLOBE, W, S (control room), PUSH
A51X (power off), N, E, GET GLOBE, E, DROP GLOBE, W, W, S (control room), PUSH A51X (power is back

N, E, GET LOG (book), READ LOG (note the safe combination and code), E, GET GLOBE, E, U, S, S, GET
ROPE, TIE ROPE TO GLOBE, E (tiny platform - the globe lines up with the sliver disc and the rope
hangs down), CLIMB ROPE (to the floor of the stabilisation chamber), EXAMINE CONSOLE, MOVE CONSOLE
(it falls into your hands), READ DISPLAY ("Deactivated" - note do not activate it here),
CLIMB ROPE (back to the platform).

W, N, N, D, W, S, D, S, S (cargo bay 1), EXAMINE SAFE (has a keypad), EXAMINE KEYPAD (comprises of
ten single-digit sensitive pads), TYPE 53468279 (note in the log book there is a S instead of a 5 -
the door opens), LOOK, GET FUSE, N, N, U, N, E, U, S, S, S (engine room), EXAMINE DRIVE (the fuse if
beyond repair), REPLACE FUSE (you turn on the drive), N, N, N, D, W, W, W (bridge), PRESS BUTTON (on
the black console), EXAMINE DISPLAY (reads "Activated"), S (control room), PUSH XX2V (you
hear a dull thud), PUSH ZAZQ (immediately the Astrodus launches gracefully into overdrive warp 8,
leaving your life, and all your troubles, way behind in the past... the universe is yours for the

Your Score is 100%

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