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Jersey Quest (Jersey_Quest.txt)

by WDSoftware
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

1. You must score 10% in less than 256 moves to complete the adventure.
2. Red Herrings:   Knife, rope, whip, carved devil, skeleton, flag, black cat, black dog, cow,
bikini top, bucket, ladder.
3. Some items have a nuisance factor - you can drink the beer and/or wine and fill the empty bottle
with water (from one of the pools) to give to the knight.
4. You can lose points if you do something wrong such as TALK BERGERAC, EXAMINE MATCH or KNIFE, when
you have a score more than 30% KILL BEAR yourself, try to TAKE or MILK THE COW, EXAMINE MADELAINE,
PRAY to the devil, KILL baby DRAGON, HIT GUARD and probably a few other things!

Walk Through
(Start at Jersey Airport), INVENTORY (wearing a hat, shirt, trousers and shoes), GET MATCH, GET WINE
(leave the beer), E (you board a luxury coach to the wartime underground hospital), N (into main
tunnel), N, E (there is a rockfall and your retreat is cut off), N (into guard room), CALL GUARD
(you release him from his curse and he fades away), GET KEY, UNLOCK CELL (you release the wounded
prisoner who asks you to help others in distress... he goes away), DROP KEY, GET GUN, U (to
crossroads), E (you meet sergeant Bergerac who sees your gun and asks to see your licence - note do
not talk to him), GIVE GUN, EXAMINE STONE (note what it says), N (Hautes Croix), TALK FARMER (he
invites you to eat and drink - note don't do anything with the cow escaping from a field), W
(into St. John's Church where if your score is 20% or more you can take the sword), GET SWORD,
W (into St. Mary's Church), W (a magical barrier prevents you - you must earn the right), HELP
(you need talisman, ring, cross and sword), GET CRUCIFIX, WEAR CRUCIFIX.

S, E, S (to royal square in St. Helier where a wounded soldier asks you who won the battle), HELP,
say FRANCE DEFEATED (he thanks you), E (Grouville Church where you are asked the date of the
battle), 1406 (as given on the inscription on the stone), S (to Witches' Rock where if you are
wearing the crucifix you will defeat the witches), LOOK (until it is low tide), SW (to Green
Island), GET RING, WEAR RING, LOOK (until it is low tide), NE (back to Witches' Rock), N, N (La
Hougue Bie where you meet a wounded knight), GIVE WINE (you ease his passing), GET TALISMAN, WEAR

N (Trinity Church), N (Bouley Bay where Moutonniers run at the sight of the holy sword), S, S, W, W,
W (St. Mary's Church), W (must be wearing the talisman, crucifix, ring and carrying the sword),
N (Greve de Lecq where you see women and children boarding a ship), PRAY (your prayer is accepted),
S, S, S, S (Beaumont), W (to harbour at St. Aubin - note do not go into the house of death), S
(clifftop), GET SHELLS (the bomber sinks the ship and escapes), DROP SHELLS.

N, N, N, W, S (Corbiere), DRINK BRANDY (whist Baliff is present so he arrest you - you are thrown in
a cell in the castle), HELP (you were mistaken for a wanted man and must appeal according to Norman
law), HARO HARO (the court releases you), W (St. Martin's Church), NE (Geoffroy's Leap),
DROP MATCHES, DROP SWORD, UNDRESS, D (you swim in the sea and are refreshed - note you must not be
carrying anything or wearing clothes), U, DRESS, GET MATCHES, GET SWORD, W, W, W (to crossroads),
GET SPADE, W, S (overlooking St. Aubin's Bay), W, S (to harbour), GET WOOD, W, W, W (St.
Brelade's Church), DIG (you find cockles and mussels).

E, N, N, N, N, W, W, N (to pinnacle), READ INSCRIPTION, U (pinnacle rock), GET COIN, D, GIVE COIN
(to Romans), S, S (St. Ouen's Pond), WARN KNIGHT (about the Norman raiders - he takes you to
St. Ouen's Manor), GET MEDAL, WEAR MEDAL, N, NW (Grosnez Castle), E (clifftop - must be wearing
the gold medal), D (cave), GET AXE, LIGHT WOOD (using matches - now have lit torch), IN (to inner
chamber were you meet a primitive man and a bear), GIVE AXE (the primitive man kills the bear - in
gratitude he offers you a necklace of boar's tusks), GET NECKLACE, WEAR NECKLACE, OUT, U, W,
SE, E, E, E, E, S (crossroads).

E, D (into burial chamber), GET EGG (the warmth of your body hatches it and a baby dragon emerges
and bites you - note must be wearing the talisman which saves you from dragon poison), GET DRAGON,
U, S, W (to royal square - if your score is more than 93% you will see a signpost pointing towards a
museum), SE (into museum), GIVE DRAGON (or other object such as necklace, talisman, etc. but not the
sword - the museum is most grateful and accepts your gift which will be exhibited and labelled with
your name).

CONGRATULATIONS Your deeds have earned sufficient merit for you 
to return to your own time!
SCORE 100%

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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