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Magma Man (Magma_Man-hints.txt)

by Lee Tonks
CASVentures Ltd
Spectrum 48

You are to repair the Magma Machine and use it so that you can become Magma Man by saying Volc. Then
you need to find the professor and escape.


There are a few, but not too many red herrings: the hat, the clothes, the film, the ferry ticket,
and the pesetas. 

You spend most of your time avoiding the slime. As you will soon find, becoming Magma Man allows you
to cross past the slime.

You need to find a tool plus all five circuits to repair the Magma machine. Some you appear able to
drop, others you cannot. While the circuits are evident, the tool is not. 

Many objects that you need you will find as yourself, some you will find as Magma Man.

What to do with the bottle? Break it.

Typing HELP says to make a map. Good advice.

You need the screwdriver more than once.

You need to be carrying objects before you can do anything to or with them.

Where is the professor? Magma man needs to teleport there from where the keyhole is. You need to be
carrying a particular weapon before you go in. No it is not the gun you find.

Have no weapon? You find one, but first you need to make it work.

How to make your weapon work? First find two other objects. You’ve already powered up the
generator. ATTACH things to it. Remember you need to carry the generator to the right place in order
to make your weapon work. 

Remember to get the wax off first.

Once you find the gun and load it with bullets, you can create a necessary shortcut. Where to do
this?  In the room where that weapon had been used before.

Visit the actor. There is a hint what to give him, from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, just before you get

Terri Sheehan

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