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Wizard's Orb, The (Wizards_Orb.txt)

Written by Gordon Yaccomine
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

While you are having a cat-nap your dreams suddenly turn into a nightmare of beating wings and
missing orbs and your master the wizard being very nasty.  When you awaken you can just see a small
speck disappearing into the distance in the east.  You realise that the nightmare has come true and
that the wizard's orb is missing.  You must go and return the orb.

Walk Through
(Start in a garden), S (outside front door of wizard's lair), W, W, W (storeroom), GET FOOD,
EXAMINE FOOD, E, E, N (corridor), READ NOTICE (staff only), N, W, W (bedchamber), OPEN DOOR, S
(cupboard), GET STAFF, EXAMINE STAFF (reaches parts other staffs cannot), N, E, E, S (corridor),
OPEN DOOR, W (study), GET QUILL (now have the spell of flight), E, S, E, N (garden), N, N, W
(northern edge of plateau), GET KNIFE, EXAMINE KNIFE (encrusted with gemstones), CAST FLIGHT (you
land safely at the base of the plateau), DROP SPELL, N, E, N, E (inside the tanners hovel), EXAMINE
TANNER (hasn't been fed for days), GIVE FOOD (he goes away to eat the food), GET GLOVES,
EXAMINE GLOVES (made of sting-proof leather), W, S, W, N (cave where you see a small hole in the
wall and a skeleton beside the hole), EXAMINE SKELETON, EXAMINE HOLE (full of scorpions guarding
something shiny), WEAR GLOVES, SEARCH HOLE (you pull your hand out and see a golden ring on your
finger), EXAMINE RING (has small trees are carved around the outside of it), DROP GLOVES.

S, S, E, S, E (maze of trees), NE (see a pack of wolves), KILL WOLVES (you club them to death with
the staff), SKIN WOLVES, GET SKINS, EXAMINE SKINS (of the finest quality), SE, E (long road), DROP
RING, N, N, W, W (outside cottage), N (inside cottage where you see a man sitting at a table),
EXAMINE MAN (has a bad case of DT's), S, E, N, READ SIGN, E, E, E, E, E (market), N, E
(furriers), SELL SKINS (furrier gives you some money), W, N, W (pawnbrokers), PAWN KNIFE (pawnbroker
gives you some gold coins), E, S, S, E (main street), E, S (vintners), BUY WINE, N, W, W, W, W, W,
W, W (back to sign), S, W, N (cottage), GIVE WINE (repeat five times until the man falls off his
chair and something falls out of his pocket), GET PRISM, EXAMINE PRISM (hexagonal).

S, E, N, E, E, S (blacksmiths), BUY SWORD (blacksmith throws in a shield for nothing), EXAMINE SWORD
(sharp), EXAMINE SHIELD, N, E, N (stables), EXAMINE POST (see a strong rope tied to the hitching
post), UNTIE ROPE, GET ROPE, EXAMINE ROPE (long and strong), S, E (main street where a sign points
south), READ SIGN, S (Asper-Inn), S, U (sparsely furnished room above the bar), EXAMINE TABLE, GET
MIRROR, EXAMINE MIRROR (it's only a frame), MEND FRAME (with prism - now see a magical
reflector), GET REFLECTOR, EXAMINE REFLECTOR (it reflects more than it should), D, N, N, E, S, S, E
(abandoned shed where you see two short shelves), GET SHELVES, EXAMINE SHELVES (made of strong
pinewood), W, S (swamp), READ SIGN (a warning that the swamp can be very deep in places), W, S, E,
E, S, S, E, E, N, W (witch's hovel), KILL WITCH (you can't and she casts a spell of
destruction at you), REFLECT SPELL (using the reflector... she vanishes in a cloud of green smoke),
GET HELMET, EXAMINE HELMET (has the power of invisibility).

E, N, W, N, E, N, N, E (south side of a precipice), EXAMINE SPAN (like a tightrope), CROSS SPAN
(with the aid of the staff to balance you, you manage it), E, E, N (winding path), N, W, W, N, N, W
(south bank of stream which is too wide and too fast to cross), TIE SHELVES, DROP PLANK (forms a
bridge), CROSS BRIDGE, W, W, W, N, N (two trolls are sitting beside a fire), EXAMINE TROLLS
(unfriendly), KILL TROLLS, GET EGG, EXAMINE EGG (smells of dragons), DROP SHIELD, S, S, E, E, E
(north bank of river), CROSS BRIDGE, GET PLANK, UNTIE PLANK, GET ROPE, TIE ROPE (to the sword to
make a sort of grapnel), GET GRAPNEL, EXAMINE GRAPNEL, E, S, S, E, E, S, S (bottom of cliff face),
THROW GRAPNEL (the sword become stuck in some rocks), CLIMB ROPE (to a ledge), E (north is an inlet
guarded by a fierce dragon), WEAR HELMET, N (dragon's lair where you see the orb), EXAMINE ORB
(many magical powers), SWAP EGG (you manage to swap the orb for the egg and as soon as you touch the
orb a surge of great power flows through your hands... the orb's magical powers whisk you back
to it's master's study).

Well done!
You have managed to return the wizard's orb back to its rightful place. 

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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