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Bomb Threat (Bomb_Threat.txt)

Written by Bruce Robinson 1982
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Vic 20 Version)

Terrorists have left you prisoner at their hideout.  They have planted 
a bomb that is set to go off at 4.00 o'clock.  You must get back to 
town to warn the bomb squad in time.

Walk Through:
(Start in a sealed room), INVENTORY (you have a timepiece), LOOK 
TIMEPIECE (to find out how long you have left), LOOK DRAIN (see a 
lever), CLOSE DRAIN, TURN FAUCET (room floods and you swim out through 
the skylight to the yard), GO EAST (house), LOOK AQUARIUM (see an 
airhose, pump, water and fish), GET HOSE, LOOK PUMP (see a cord), GET 
CORD, GO WEST, GO NORTH (garage), LOOK LIFT (see switch), LOOK SWITCH 
(see a broken wire), PUT CORD (where?), SWITCH, TURN SWITCH, SIPHON GAS 
(with what?), HOSE (from what?), JEEP (to what?), CAR, GO CAR (see a 
mat and the ignition), GET MAT (find the ignition key), GET KEY, PUT 
KEY (where?), IGNITION , START CAR......

Started Car,
Drove to town and warned the bomb squad in time.

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