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Space Hunt (Space_Hunt.txt)

Written by Anthony Wood
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (TRS 80 Version)

(Start in a small room dug into a lunar mountain – don’t open the locker yet or your will be
electrocuted), S (closet), GET SUIT (space suit), WEAR SUIT, EXAMINE SUIT (find a screwdriver in the
pocket), GET SCREWDRIVER, N, OPEN LOCKER (must be wearing the suit – reveals a note), GET NOTE,
READ NOTE (says 3215), E (space station airlock), PRESS RED BUTTON (must be wearing suit – the air
cycles out and you see the lunar surface), GO OUTSIDE (to lunar plain).

GO SHIP (to space ship control room), E (engine room where you see lots of complicated equipment),
EXAMINE EQUIPMENT (there is an access panel screwed down), UNSCREW PANEL, GET BLASTER, W (back to
space ship control room), EXAMINE BOARD (see a calculator type keyboard), TYPE 3215 (the ship takes
off and after a few hours lands on a small asteroid), GO EXIT (to asteroid plain), W (see a big
boulder), EXAMINE BOULDER (there seems to be something under it), MOVE BOULDER (it’s too heavy),
LIE DOWN, SHOOT BOULDER (it disintegrates revealing a tunnel), GO TUNNEL (to sloping tunnel), D
(underground treasure room where you see mucho credits worth of valuable stuff), GET STUFF (yea, you
have won the game).