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Claws of Despair, The (Claws_of_Despair.txt)

´╗┐CLAWS OF DESPAIR (Players)  
SOLUTION (Spectrum) by the Phoenix  
You commence the Adventure in the Market Place. Pressing 'I' will tell you 
that your current inventory is currently a bag of platinum nobles and the 
Star of Thorgrim. You must not lose the Star, but you will have to 
temporarily part with it during the game. BUY FOOD and you will 
automatically move SOUTH to the Main Street. Here you find an old woman 
being beaten by some guards.  

KILL GUARDS results in you obtaining a flagon of wine. This wine will cure  
your thirst, later. TAKE WINE then go SOUTH. If you look at the notice you 
will see that you have to hand over any item of value to the guards. GIVE 
STAR, you will get it back again, soon! You will now pass the guards, to end 
up outside the City Gates. Proceed SW and SWIM LAKE to find a golden 
chalice. TAKE CHALICE and go NE, SE, S, then W to the Desert Rat Inn. The 
Innkeeper will demand gold for information. GIVE CHALICE and he will tell 
you to ask the conjuror for a riddle. Go EAST three times to the Orchard and 
you will meet Wizdoichus. Say RIDDLE and he will ask you to state the odd 
one out in the following sequence of numbers: 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13. It is 
9, because all the rest are prime numbers, so you input '9'. He will now 
tell you of a magic word, namely 'SABZ TETI'. Proceed as follows: W, S, SW, 

You are now faced with a desert  
maze, but it is quite easy with the way back being exactly in reverse to the 
way forward. So, we go: W, S, E, E, S, W, S, E, E, S, then finally SOUTH to 
the edge of a crumbling cliff. You will find a dagger here, but you can only 
take it safely, if you have learnt the magic word. SABZ TETI then but TAKE 
DAGGER. On retracing your steps through the desert you will become hungry 
and thirsty.  

Proceed N, N, W, W, EAT FOOD, N, E, N, W, W, DRINK WINE, N, E, E, NE, then 
SE to outside a cave. DIG SAND to uncover a copper key. TAKE COPPER KEY then 
go SOUTH and KILL DRAGON with your dagger. There is a captured Princess 
here, who is locked in chains. UNLOCK CHAINS with your copper key and TAKE 
PRINCESS. Proceed N, NW, N, then NORTH to a dried up river in the desert. 
DIG SAND here to locate some silver coins. TAKE SILVER COINS. Now go NW, SW, 
then SOUTH WEST to the front of the fort, where you encounter some more 
guards. They are easily bribed, so GIVE COINS and they will lead you into 
the Entrance Hall. The old man, here, is the Princesses father, who returns 
your Star of Thorgrim in gratitude. So TAKE STAR.

Proceed N, NE, NE, S, S, then EAST to a clearing. The nymph, here, asks you 
a riddle, and the answer is 'SAY TOMB'. (You may also correctly say GRAVE, 
GARVE, or just TOMB on its own - they all seem to work!) The nymph will then 
hand over some Beeswax, so TAKE BEESWAX, then WEAR BEESWAX, to avoid the 
effects of the Harpies whom you encounter shortly. You should now go WEST 
three times to the Inn of Shelzama. Here is a rather unfair, but 
nevertheless solvable puzzle. You are asked to sing a song, and the way to 
find the title of the song is to study that particular location description. 
Look at the text and you will see that there are four letters in capitals, 
namely I, A, L, S. So you SING IALS, then TAKE BRASS ROD!

Proceed E, E, then SOUTH to a deep cleft. If you dare to go SW you will 
encounter a deadly trap! Instead take the SE route to the waterfall. Don't 
be tempted to open the chest here as you will find a scroll inside which 
gives you misleading directions. In fact it advises you to swim in the 
mountain lake, but if you do you will be killed by the 'watcher'!! So, SMASH 
CHEST to find a useful horn. TAKE HORN. Now go NW then SOUTH. You cannot 
hear the harpies as you are wearing the beeswax. Another two moves SOUTH 
brings you to the shores of a mountain lake. Here you should BLOW HORN to 
summon the ghostly boatman, who will row you across the lake. When you 
arrive on the southern shores of the lake you will be faced with seemingly 
unopenable doors. STRIKE DOORS with your brass rod and you will find 
yourself in a great hall, beyond the doors.

Go EAST to a panelled passageway and SLIDE PANEL to reveal a metallic 
figurine. TAKE FIGURINE then UNSCREW FIGURINE to find a stone tablet. There 
is some writing on the tablet so TAKE TABLET, READ TABLET to find that it is 
inscribed with the word 'THGI'. Now go WEST twice to an alcove, where you 
will find a jade key protected by a strange beam of light. Say 'THGI' and 
the beam disappears, allowing you to TAKE JADE KEY. Now return EAST to the 
Great Hall. Now here is a lever - the normal action of PULL or PUSH LEVER 
results in incineration! What you must do is PRESS LEVER and you should hear 
a faint grinding sound to the South. Proceed SOUTH to another passageway and 
the sliding stone will block your way back north!. Not to worry, press on 
and OPEN the door there. Here you will be faced with roaring flames. Let me 
tell you now, that you only have ONE move to avoid certain death. Input 
DISBELIEVE ILLUSION as that is all it is!! When the flames disappear TAKE 
TINDERBOX. (If you go EAST to a narrow passageway your tinderbox will be 
taken from you, preventing you from lighting the torch that you are about to 

Proceed WEST to a dark semi-circular alcove. DROP the STONE TABLET, COPPER 
TORCH). Now you can LIGHT TORCH then DROP ALL and TAKE first the TORCH and 
STAR. Go EAST then SOUTH to the temple. Now here's a very tricky puzzle 
indeed! There are five cubes here that must be collected in the correct 
order. The cubes correspond with certain colours of the rainbow. The order 
of colours for a rainbow are RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO AND 
VIOLET. There are numbers on the cubes and if you multiply the cube number 
by it's position number on the rainbow you will know in which order the 
cubes must be taken. For example, using RED, the number on it being 4 
multiplied by 1 (the first colour on the rainbow) gives you 4. Work out the 
others and take them in numerical order, smallest number first. So you 
finally TAKE GREEN CUBE. Get it wrong and you have to answer to the Cube 

Right, now proceed SOUTH to a small room. The plaque tells you that you are 
about to enter the Maze of Minos. The locations all appear the same in this 
maze so follow these directions EXACTLY: S, E, E, S, W, W, W, N, N, W, S, S, 
E. You should now be in a small chamber with an exit so go SOUTH to emerge 
in a golden meadow. You will notice a girl combing her hair, so CUT HAIR and 
the girl will run off. TAKE LOCK (of hair) and go WEST to the banks of a 
small stream. Watch the text as a fish will momentarily appear and murmur 
'GSTNDSTR' which you are supposed to translate to read "Go east and 
strangle" but, I have to confess I used a Hint Sheet for that particular 
one!!! You should now go EAST three times to a small forest glade where you 
will meet a sad knight who is pining for his true love. SHOW LOCK and he 
will give you an ivory key, so TAKE IVORY KEY.

Now proceed EAST to a mire where you see a woman trapped in the marsh. 
Remember what the fish said and STRANGLE WOMAN. You will now hear of a magic 
word from her spirit - "GHAS KENI". Go WEST three times to the golden meadow 
and SOUTH twice to the end of the path. There is a small hut here. Say "GHAS 
KENI" then OPEN DOOR and you find yourself in a magnificent hall. Input HELP 
(whilst carrying the Star) and you are told that there may be another exit 
to this room. Proceed EAST to a dusty room and TAKE POTION, SMEAR POTION 
(onto your hands) and you will be protected from the effects of the 
poisonous wand. Now RIP PAINTING and you will find a combination safe. 
Another tricky one!!If you ENTER COMBINATION you are asked to do so in 
SINGLE digits. What is the combination? Well the magic word GHAS must be 
considered. The alphabet positions of G, H, A, and S are 7, 8, 1, and 19 and 
as the combination must be entered in single digits, the correct combination 
to input is 7, 8, 1, 1, 9. The safe will now open to reveal an oaken wand. 
TAKE WAND and go WEST then SOUTH to a small room. Here you finally meet 
Zaegmar and you must immediately THROW WAND. He will turn into a snake and 
you should ignore the golden key. Finally go SOUTH to the Temple of Selvin 
and receive the staff of Safrin to complete the game with 100%!!! 

Updated in August 2010 with bug fixes by Jim Grimwood 
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