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Diablo! (Diablo_hints.txt)

by Mark Cantrell
Nebula Design Software
Spectrum 48

HINTS: (not in order)
This game is long (three parts) but intriguing as you can become 
another character, provided you take your colleagues with you at the 
very beginning. They can help you carry objects when your limit is 
reached, though that is not necessary since most objects are used 
only once. They, and you, can also kill people as well as be killed 
themselves. I am not sure whether you can finish the game if you do 
not rescue them.

One of the colleagues is necessary, though the others do not appear 
to be.
As Captain Payne, you can give various commands, in quotation marks, 
to them, such as "COME", "WAIT", etc. Always have them with you. When 
you change character and revert back to Payne, you will need to 
direct the others again.
Despite descriptions of "AFT", "PORT", etc. you can use conventional 
N/E/S/W directions.

Sometimes more than two-word commands are needed.

Your first priority in Part 2 is fixing the atmosphere (there are 
only a limited number of moves after you feel the air getting stale. 
After doing that you need to disable the automatic countdown 
mechanism (also a limited number of moves).

Your goal becomes clear early in the game – destroy the mutants and 

There are some randomly generated events, like meeting the thing. 
SAVE/RESTORE often works if you cannot deal with it. Do not be too 
eager to kill it, as you will come across another one, and it appears 
as if you can only use your blaster once.

Do not dawdle at the beginning. 

Make sure you deal with the shield door before you turn the light on. 
Otherwise you can't see it.

There does not appear to be any way of finding out how to attach the 
detonation units to the sockets. You will need to try various 

You need to protect yourself before you get the axe.

Once you have opened the box you can drop it if its incessant 
chattering annoys you. It will eventually stop on its own.

What would destroy the flesh-eating mines? Flesh of some kind?

The light protects you from being attacked by Diablo.

Ignore Lawson until you meet him in Part 3.  Deal with Renfield in 
Part 2. Set a trap for him using something you find nearby.

All objects appear to be necessary. Carry what you have not used into 
Part 2 and part 3.

There are certain locations when time is of the essence, one each 
part. There are also some minor glitches and inconsistencies, such as 
a bottle that is full continues to be full when emptied,  unlocking a 
cabinet without a key, etc.

Opening the box is an easy puzzle, so no hints will be given.

Getting through the airlock is tricky. It seems to need two people to 
operate it.

Terri Sheehan

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