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Quest of Kron, The (Quest_of_Kron.txt)

Written by Tony Rome (Trom Software)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

(Start at the lagoon of stars), INVENTORY (you have a magic ring), 
EXAMINE ROCKS (you uncover your boat), GET BOAT, EXAMINE BOAT (the sails 
need attention), SET SAILS, E (onto the sea of storms), E, E, E 
(northeast coast of Sark – the moon moves behind dark clouds), WAIT (the 
moon appears again, its light revealing steps cut out of the cliff), U 
(old Boran monastery), EXAMINE RUINS, GET SCROLL, READ SCROLL (it’s in 
old Boran script and you can’t read it), D, GET BOAT, W (don’t go south… 
the rushing water is a whirlpool), W, W, S, S (refuge rock), IN (cave), 
GET ROPE, OUT, GET TWIGS, W, S (you see a lone figure on he clifftop), N, 
N, W, W (northwest coast of Sark), GET BAR (iron – you hear a cry), THROW 
ROPE (it winds around the tree), DROP BOAT (otherwise you slip and fall), 
CLIMB ROPE (to a ledge – a giant golden eagle is here with a leg trapped 
in a crevice), FREE EAGLE (it flies away), GET BRANCH, LOOK, GET FLUTE 
(golden), D, GET BOAT, E, S (Rock of Akron), LISTEN (the sound is coming 
from a giant clam), OPEN CLAM (using the iron bar – you find an old 
lamp), GET LAMP.

E, E, S, S, S (you are in a tunnel leading to the caves but it is dark), 
RUB TWIGS (they are burning), LIGHT BRANCH (now have a flaming torch), E, 
E (silver mine), EXAMINE SKELETON (the left hand points to a recess), 
EXAMINE RECESS, GET NUGGET (silver), EXAMINE NUGGET (on the silver bar is 
written “OKURA”), W, S, S (pool), W (into a tunnel where the albino man 
is – note don’t bother with him), GET STONE, E, E (cave of ice – the 
torch burns out), RUB LAMP (a genie appears and says you must utter the 
ancient password written in gold), EXAMINE STONE (note the words forged 
in gold), OMAR KABUL (the genie tells you to give the stone to the one 
who lives alone on a hill then to kneel), JUMP (over the pit to a 
passage), U, U, U (hill), KNOCK DOOR (an old man opens it), GIVE STONE, 
KNEEL (he invites you in and recalls the old days when Borans spoke in 
their native tongue), GIVE SCROLL (he reads it and gives you a shield).

W, W, W, W (valley of the dead where you see the castle of spells across 
the lake – note if you hang around here too long you will be captured by 
guards), PLAY FLUTE (the golden eagle swoops down and carries you across 
the lake to the battlements), D, N, E (alchemists chamber – note how you 
begin to feel tired), GET JAR, W, S, E (large hall – you can’t open the 
chest yet), E, S, E (circular room), S (castle dungeons where a Zeldan 
guard patrols), OPEN JAR, DROP JAR, N, WAIT, WAIT, S (the guard is now 
asleep), EXAMINE GUARD, GET KEYS, W (cell), GET PRINCESS (Zora), E, N, W, 
N, W (large hall – there is a flash of light and directly in front of you 
stands the evil Balzan… a deadly ram emits from his fingers towards you), 
RAISE SHIELD (the shiny shield reflects the ray back and he dies), OPEN 

S (mirror room), EXAMINE MIRROR (on one edge is a small decorative 
panel), PUSH PANEL (the mirror slides back to reveal a stone staircase), 
D (to the north is a silver door), EXAMINE DOOR (you need the password to 
open the door), OKURA (the door opens), N (cave of ice), EXAMINE ROOF 
(see a pulley and a weight attached to a cord), CUT CORD (using knife – 
the weight crashes down… part of he cave wall drops to reveal an alcove), 
GET CROWN (royal – Zeldan guards appear), RUB RING (you are transported 
through space to the clifftop where the hooded figures is… with 
outstretched hands he welcomes you and the princess… he takes the royal 
crown and places it upon her head… without the evil Balzan the Zeldan 
Empire will collapse and peace will soon be restored to Sark… the hooded 
figure turns to you and says “Well done my son,” and beneath the cloak 
you recognise with amazement the features of your father).


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