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Mordon's Quest (Mordons_Quest.txt)

 Take the blanket, s, w, n, take the newspaper, e, n, e, climb the drainpipe,
n, s, w, s, when Mordon will appear and tell you your quest. Say Yes 
(well, you don't have to), n, e, take transporter and torch, light the torch
and go n, n, n.
 You are now in THE JUNGLE AREA. Go e, drop blanket, e, take and transport 
tusks, take the bamboo, nw, nw, take the batteries, ne, se, e, 
take the thorns and make a blowpipe, n, nw, ne, use the blowpipe, take the
pygmy, drop the bamboo, sw, e, give pygmy to plant, e, e, say frog,
(because the outline of the map is is meant to look like a frog), w, w, w,
ne, n, e, s, e, e, n, e, s, se, sw, s, e, ne, se, sw, take the dagger,
sw, e, e, take and transport metallic device, w, w, ne, ne, nw, sw, w, n, 
ne, nw, n, w, sacrifice frog, take and transport piece of machine, sw, se,
go rubble, drop transporter, w, w, d, take and break iron pyrites,
take diamond and take pyrites, u, e, e, take transporter, transport diamond,
d, e, n, and the jungle area is complete.

 IN TIME MACHINE: Push or press plate to move to other zones, though these
are random and you have no control over which zone you will be taken to.
 Just keep trying until you get the one you want. There are two options
when exiting southwards as well: the large cave is the jungle area and the
ante room is the futuristic area.

 THE UNDERSEA AREA: N, n, nw, climb into boat, d, take aqualung, n, n, n, se,
u, se, d, n, e, fill aqualung, w, s, nw, take black pearl, nw, n, n, n, 
off lamp, n, n, on lamp, take and transport glowing metal object,
transport black pearl, e, take and transport doubloons, e, e, u, wait, wait,
e, n, n, give newspaper to spiderman in exchange for spray paint,
take remote control, s, s, w, d, w, w, w, off lamp, s, s, on lamp, s, s, s,
s, s, s, u, s, s, drop aqualung, s, and the undersea area is now complete.

 THE ADVENTURE DEVELOPMENT AREA: This is reached from the time machine by
pushing the button while carrying the remote control and the iron pyrites.
Give the pyrites to the jester, w, e, take piece of machine, e, s, u, 
transport piece.

 THE FUTURISTIC AREA: E, drop geiger counter, e, se, nw, sw, spray paint,
8875, s, take and transport device, n, nw, sw, s, s, s, take and transport
ingot, n, n, n, nw, w, w, n, e, insert battery, w, s, e, e, touch plate, s,
press 3, press 1, press 2, press 2, press 4, press 1, n, w, touch plate, 
s, s, s, touch plate, n, take and transport crystal orb, nw, nw, take cigar,
nw, nw, return to time machine and use the phone, dialling 1611919
(P=16, A=1 etc), then back to the droid and say perseverance, n, 
take and transport unit, s, se, se, se, s, touch plate, n, n, n, e, se, ne,
nw, ne, nw, w, w, s, se, se, take and transport Roman coins and Cretan coins,
nw, nw, n, n back to the machine. Push plate until you reach...

 THE ROMAN AREA: Make sure you still have the cigar with you. Go north until
you can take the sword and shield, then smoke the cigar, transport laurels,
s, s, s, w, w, n, ne, kill and skin minotaur, take and transport piece of
machine. THE END.

 Saying Yes to Mordon's request causes the cupboard in the annexe to open up.
 The blowpipe is made up of the bamboo, berries and thorns.
 In the cave beyond the waterfall in the jungle area, the south-west exit
isn't given in the location description. It's still there though.
 Also, in the location where you get the crystal orb, there's a north-west
exit that is not indicated.
 The octopus cannot see you if you turn your lamp off.
 The phone call tells you 'All that glitters is not gold.' a reference to
Fools Gold, or iron pyrites, and from this you deduce that this is what the
jester wants.
 When you spray the paint on the invisible barrier you see the deactivation
code, 8875.
 When the droid repeats the word 'PASS', you are meant to word out that this
is the clue to the password needed for the adamantium barrier. 'P' is the
16th letter of the alphabet, 'A' the first and 'S' the 19th, making 1611919.
 As the program only accepts the first four digits of any inputs, you need
only dial 1611 to learn of 'perseverance', which is certainly something you
need in order to get through this frequently illogical adventure. END

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