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Lords of Time (Lords_of_Time_hints.txt)

Lords of Time (Level 9)

What to do with the frog: 	Kiss it.
To get the keys from the shed: 	Use the lodestone.
To get the lodestone from the Narcissus: 	Give glass.
The pick: 	Breaks two lots of ice.
The grate in the Roman baths. 	Drink waters of strength then pull it.
To deal with mammoth: 	Light a fire.
The fairy: 	Needs a tooth.

    * A caveman's life must be dull - perhaps a club for caveman would get them out of their
womenfolk's way?
    * The inventory door needs a (Greek cry of joy?) password.
    * The tooth is in the tiger's mouth, and it is rotten. Perhaps he's not been eating
the right food?

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