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Last Inca, The (Last_Inca.txt)

The Last Inca

get all, n, n, buy rope and meat with gold, s, se, talk to man, get spade,
nw, e, dig grave with spade, look grave, get spear, drop spade, e, ne,
wait [until condor comes], throw spear at condor, look condor, 
cut eye with knife, drop knife, sw, w, n, n, look nest, get egg, s, s, w, w,
w, d, get torch, light torch with eye, drop eye, e, s, drop egg, get skull,
get key, n, e, drop skull, get big skull, look skull, e, e, w, get scroll,
e, w, n, unlock door with key, open door, drop key, n, give skull to man, 
ask man about scroll, get emerald, nw, nw, give scroll to man,
say to man read scroll, ne, drink water, say wiznarok, e, s, get lamp,
light lamp with torch, drop torch, n, se, d, get monstrance, u, nw, n, 
put emerald in eye, e, drop lamp, se, push block to chair, get sceptre, 
hit chair with sceptre, nw, get lamp, se, n, hit fountain with sceptre, 
fill jar with water, s, wait [for shaman], give sceptre to shaman, 
say to shaman move boulder, ask shaman about pyramid, e, e, n, n, ne, 
say quaxi, n, look table, get key and box and statuette, hit bell, sw, 
drop jar, w, dance, drink water, e, get jar, w, n, w, s, w, drop all,
get hay, s, give hay to dragon, ask dragon about lava, 
ask dragon about stream, ask dragon about red dragon, n, get all, e, n, n,
tie rope to nail, look shelf, throw rope at hook, n, nw, say bullaba, w, 
unlock door with key, open door, drop key, s, put water in flames, 
drop jar, wear gloves, get crown, n, w, sw, d, get crown, look box, 
put powder on stream, w, wait [until you get out of the tunnel], 
show crown to incas, ne, n, drop box, w, look altar, put statuette in hole,
pray, look altar, get box, look box, e, n, press button, drop box, n, 
look box, pull handle, s, wait, wait, show crown to giant

Solution done by Odd Magne Ogreid

Displayed on the Classic Adventures Solution Archive: