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Invaders From Planet X (Invaders_From_Planet_X.txt)

 Take pen, s, examine panel (25462), examine man, take note, read note,
search man, take screwdriver, examine lever, s, examine body, move body, 
take suit, wear suit, s, sw, examine door, press button, s, examine bodies,
examine door, examine button, take mirror, press connections, kick orb, n, 
ne, se, s, unscrew grate, take key and chip, n, nw, n, n, pull lever,
unlock lever, drop all, s, s, sw, take orb, ne, n, n, n, drop orb, s, 
push lever, s, w, search man, take string, e, n, drop all, wait until
professor rogers asks for 'beam up' then, pull lever, n, take professor, s, 
s, w, w, drop professor, e, press button, w, search professor, take gun and
glasses, wear glasses, e, e, n, take chip, s, e, shoot door (three times),
e, fix twonk, say to twonk "defend", w, w, w, take pen and mirror and string,
tie string to lever, n, take all, pull string, examine monitor, e, 
shoot alien, scan, n, examine chamber, insert pen in hole, take pack, 
press pack, scan, ne, shoot alien, e, exam chamber, take pack, press pack,
scan, w, shoot door (3 times) se, s, shoot alien, drop bar, d, 
examine buttons, press red, press yellow, press red, press white, take unit,
u, w, nw, sw, s, w, wait until aliens switch off forcefield, e, ne, 
take pack, press pack, scan, sw, s, se, shoot alien, n, se, shoot alien, 
input 26452, take pack, press pack, scan, nw, nw, s, examine controls, 
take pack, press pack, scan, se, n, se, n, e, n, shoot alien, 
insert mirror in beam, take pack, press pack, scan, s, w, s, nw, nw, w, 
take pack, press pack, scan, e, se, se, n, nw, shoot alien, take pack,
press pack, scan, se, s, ne, imput 25462, s, s, s, sw, press button, s, 
wait until coating melts off unit, press connections, n, ne, n, e, e, 
insert stabilizer, STORE. DESTROY ALIENS!!! END

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