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Hobbit, The (Hobbit_hints.txt)

HOBBIT, THE (Melbourne House) 

Trap door in Goblins Dungeon:   Say to Thorin "break trap door", repeat until it breaks. 
Magic door:   Wear ring, examine door, repeat until Elves approach and door opens, go through door. 
Bulbous eyes:   Move once in direction that you moved prior to encountering eyes. Wait twice and
move once more in same direction. 
Goblin's Dungeon door:   Open door and enter dungeon to score an extra 7½%. 
Get out of Goblin's Dungeon:   Say to Thorin "carry me" - say to Thorin "open
window" - say to Thorin "go through window". 
Short cut to the Ring:   Wait until a Goblin enters the cave with the crack, then go D, NE, SE, E
and there's the ring. 
If it's dark:   You must have your sword to be able to see. 
Black river:   Hold rope, throw rope (repeat until it catches on boat), pull rope, climb into boat. 
Torches:   To obtain the torches from the Goblins Cavern or the Elvenkings' Hall (no torches
listed). "Tie rope to torch, take rope, untie TORCH." 

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