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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The (Hitchhikers_Guide.txt)

Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy

By the Djin & The Ice-Queen
 [This is a Step by step solve abort if you wish to solve it.]
 [Get Up],[Turn on Light],[Get Gown],[Wear Gown],[Look in pocket],[take
 analgesic], [Get all],[South],[Get Mail],[South], [Lie Down In Front Of
 Bulldozer],[Wait],[Wait],[Wait],[When Prosser Takes your place follow
 Ford], [Follow Ford],[Enter Pub],[Look Shelf],[Buy Sandwich],[Drink
 Beer],[Drink Beer],[Drink Beer], [Exit],[Feed dog sandwich],[Get towel],
 [Wait], [wait], [wait],[wait],[wait],[wait],[wait],[get device],[push
 green button]
        [Vogan Ship]
 [move around until you see you lost 'you cant smell anything' and type
 'smell],[look in shadow],[Eat Peanuts], [Take off gown],[Put Gown on hook],
 [put towel over drain],[get satchel],[put satchel in front of panel], [put 
 mail on satchel],[push button],[get all],[wear gown],[push switch], [this
 will tell you a how to find word you need to know, just wait till you are
 in chairs],[enjoy poetry], [type 'word you got from switch and poetry,[get
 plotter], [wait till thrown out of ship]
        [Heart Of gold]...(Use The Bridge as a storgae area for things) 
 [Move around till you can hear and then type 'listen'],[Aft],[S],[U],[drop
 all],[d],[s],[s],[s],[s], [s],[look],[look],[get all], [north],[north],
 [up],[drop drive], [insert small plug in small recepticle],[d],[w],[touch
 pad],[get cup],[e],[u], [drop cup], [insert dangly bit in cup],[get towel],
 [push switch]
         [Bugblatter Beast]
 [move around until you can smell and then type 'smell'],[look at shadow],
[Type "Say Arthur Dent], [Put towel over head], [Carve Arthur Dent
 in memorial], [remove towel],[w],[sw],[get all] ,[wait until you can hear
 and type 'listen'],[Aft],[s],[w],[Open Panel],[Get Board],[Insert
 interface in panel],[Press Pad],[Wait till attack starts],[e],[u], [Insert
 large plug in large recepticle],Start Drive
 From hear you hit the next three randomly. Save your game as you die here
 also randomly. As you finish each Part You start the next by starting the

 [Wait until you can see and type 'see'], [See Light],[get toolbox],
 [stand], [Look Under Seat],[Get Fluff and key], [steer towards Cliff],
 [n],[Do anything till trillian comes], [tell guards, "drop rifles"],
 [shoot rifles],[e]
          [the party]
 [wait till you can feel, and type 'feel'],[drop plate],[look at Arthur
 Dent],[open hand bag],[get fluff],[put fluff in handbag],[Get Plate],
 [Look at phil],(Wait till Phil takes you outside).
        [war chamber]
 [Wait till you can hear and type 'listen'],[look],[get awl],[examine
 sun],[examine third planet],[then in maze move till you are at particle
 and type 'Look Particle],[Get particle]
 [wait till you have vision and type 'see'],[See Light],[N],[Offer towel
 to Arthur,[Go To Prosser],[Tell Prosser To Lie Down],[s],[w],[look
 shelf],[buy peanuts],[Drink Beer],[Drink Beer],[Drink Beer],[e],[open
 satchel],[get fluff],[n],[give fluff to arthur],[Wait Till Back in Ship]
         [Heart of Gold]
 After going to these places you should have 4 Kinds of fluff. From the
 Bridge go [d],[w],[Get Tea],[Get No Tea],[e],[u],[Unplug Dangly Bit from
 Substitute],[Drop Cup],[Insert Dangly Bit in Tea],[Drop all but Thing,
 Babel Fish],[Start Drive]
        [Inside Whale]
 [Wait till you can touch and type 'Feel'....(Note you only get one chance
 at it!!)],[Get Flowerpot],[Insert Flowerpot in Thing],Wait till back at
        [Heart of Gold]
 [Get all Fluff], [Get Thing]..(If it hasnt shown up visit and come back
 it reappears by itself...), [Remove Pot from thing], [Plant all Fluff
 in pot],[Wait till something happens in the pot. Then Wait 4 more turns]
 [w],[Look Plant],[Get Fruit],[Eat Fruit],[Get Tool Mentioned],[Drop all
 but the Tea, No Tea,Tool],[d],[s],[w],[Show tea],[Show No Tea],[Drink
 Tea],[w],[Ask Marvin to open hatch],[e],[d],(Make sure all you are
 carrying is the Tool needed & The babel Fish),[e],[Wait for Marvin],
[Hand him the tool spelled exactly right],[w],[d]....You solved it!!

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