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Colossal Cave (Colossal_Cave_cowen.txt)

Colossal Cave
version by Cowen Software Ltd.


(The walkthrough appears after these notes.)

At random times a dwarf will attack you, the first dwarf will throw an axe when this happens GET
AXE. On later occasions when a dwarf appears you must THROW AXE, GET AXE and repeat until the dwarf
is dead. Remember to always pick up the axe after killing the dwarf.

At other random times a pirate may take all of the treasures you are carrying. Do not worry, you
want this to happen. After this happens you must make a judgement as to whether it will be more
convenient to carry on with the solution and visit the Pirate's Maze at a later time, or to
make a note of your current location and head straight to the maze. There are two entrances to the
maze, one is by going south from the "West End of the Hall of Mists" the other is by going
down from the "Stalactite" room, use your map (you have created one? If not you can
download one from CASA) to locate these areas. After depositing all of the treasures that you have
found, return to the location where you diverged from the solution and carry on.

(If you entered from the "West End of the Hall of Mists" then go E, if you came down the
"Stalactite" then go N.) S, s, s, n, e, e, nw (take as many treasures as you can carry,
including the chest, but do not drop anything and do not pick up the vase unless you are already
carrying the pillow or have already deposited the pillow in the "Wellhouse"), se, n, d, e,
e, xyzzy, turn off torch (drop all of the treasures you are carrying, but always make sure that the
pillow is dropped before the vase). (If you have retrieved all of the treasures from the maze then
pick up any treasure that you need [*], use PLUGH or XYZZY, LIGHT TORCH, and return to the location
where you diverged from the solution and carry on. Otherwise return to the maze with PLUGH, E, U, W,
W, W, S, and follow the above directions through the maze. [*] If you have not yet bribed the troll
and the eggs are present then GET EGGS, if you have not yet opened the clam and the trident is
present then GET TRIDENT.)

If you need to buy batteries you will temporarily lose one of the treasures so try and avoid that
need. If you must obtain batteries then make sure that you are carrying the coins and from the
"West End of a Long Hall" go S, U, U, S, DROP COINS (battery replacement is automatic), N,
D, D, D back to "West End of a Long Hall", N, E, GET COINS.

The only way to reach the "Repository" is to drop all of the treasures in the
"Wellhouse". So if you think you have deposited all of the treasures and have not been
transported then you must have missed at least one treasure, and will have to retrace your steps to
find it or them. The treasures are a gold nugget, some diamonds, some bars of silver, some precious
jewels, some rare coins, the pirate's chest, a nest of golden eggs, a jewel encrusted trident,
a delicate precious Ming vase, an emerald the size of a plover's egg, a platinum pyramid, a
glistening pearl, a Persian rug, and some rare spices.


E, get keys, get torch, w, s, s, s, unlock grate, d.

W, get cage, w, light torch, w, w, get bird, e, e, get rod, w, w, w, d, s, get gold, n, d, drop
bird, drop cage, s, get jewels, n, n, get silver, s, w, get coins, w, w, e (if the pirate has taken
any of your treasure then S, and follow the instructions for the PIRATE'S MAZE. With all of
your collected treasure deposited in the "Wellhouse", PLUGH, LIGHT TORCH, E, U, W, WAVE
ROD, W, and continue from "drop rod".), e, wave rod, drop rod, get diamonds, e, e, n, d
(if you do not hear a hollow voice then LOOK until you do), plugh, turn off torch, (assuming that
you are still carrying these treasures) drop gold, drop jewels, drop silver, drop coins, drop
diamonds, get bottle, fill bottle, plugh.

Light torch, s, s, sw, w, hit dragon, yes, look (a little joke for Dragon computer owners, but also
note the appearance of the rug), n, d, s, d, water plant, u, e, e, e, get pillow, w, oriental, n, n,
turn off torch, drop pillow, drop bottle, drop keys, drop torch, drop axe (if you have one), e, get
emerald, ne, s, w, get axe, get torch, get bottle, get pillow, se, light torch, s, get vase (unless
the pirate has taken the pillow, unlikely but check your inventory to be sure, in which case SE, NE,
SECRET, S, D to the Pirate's Maze), se, ne, slab, u, s, get rug, e, e, n, n, plover, ne, get
pyramid, s, plover, get emerald, plugh, turn off torch, drop pillow, drop vase, drop emerald, drop
pyramid, drop rug, fill bottle, get butties, plugh.

Light torch, s, s, sw, w, n, d, s, d, water plant, u, e, d, fill bottle, u, w, d, climb, w, get
eggs, n, oil door, n, w, d, sw, u, ne, give eggs, ne, ne, e, ne, e, get spices, fork, se, s, e, feed
bear (with the butties), untie, chasm, sw, barren, e, tie, chasm, sw, d, d, se, se, w, w, d, climb,
w, fee fie foe foo, look, get eggs, n, n, get trident, w, d, se, se, ne, e, n, open clam, e, e, get
pearl, w, w, s.

(For the final three points you must escape "Witt's End" if this fills you with dread
you can ignore this section and continue with the next section.) E, get magazine, e, drop magazine,
e (and keep going E until you return to the "Anteroom").

W, dusty, e, u, n (if you have not yet visited the Pirate's Maze then now is the time to do so
E, U, W, W, W, S, follow the instructions to retrieve the treasures. In the unlikely event that the
pirate has not yet appeared then keep moving SE and NW between the final locations in the maze until
he does. After depositing all of the treasures you should find yourself in the repository), plugh,
turn off torch, drop spices, drop eggs, drop trident, drop pearl (you should now be in the

Get rods, ne, drop rods, sw, bang.


By Alastair for the Classic Adventure Solution Archive (CASA)