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Harvesting Moon, A (Harvesting_Moon.txt)

 N, get skin, e, drop skin, u, take hat, wear hat, d, w, s, s, d, pull 50 three 
times, u, n, buy ticket, w, u, w, open green, turn on, d, e, get bones, w, u, 
open door, e, d, e, s, s, e, ne, n, n, drop bones, take dolly, s, s, s, e, 
search bins, take oil, bang coach three times, sw, press button, take sandals, 
wear sandals, out, ne, w, w, w, n, w, u, w, open blue, s, press green, n, open 
red, examine man, w, open brown, get rope, w, s, press blue, n, e, n, tie rope, 
d, swing three times, get shield, u, untie rope, s, w, throw rope, u, take 
spanner, d, pull rope, e, e, s, s, e, oil door, open door, take sword, s, w, n, 
n, e, n, drop ticket, drop dolly, drop oil, drop rope, drop spanner, drop 
shield, u, wave sword until you get a result, d, take all except oil, s, w, s, 
s, e, open door, u, u, u, u, u, u, u, undo bolts, n, tie rope, d, swing five 
times, w, s, s, attack gargoyle four times, n, u, s, d, d, d, d, d, d, d, s, w, 
n, search masonry, take sphere, examine sphere, say satan, take sphere, examine 
sphere, e, n, n, look eyes, s, s, e, se, s, s, s, e, se, se, s, e, n, take 
mistletoe, s, w, n, n, when you here a voice follow voice until you are out of 
the maze, ne, n, n, e, n, n, jump, w, get mirror, e, n, u, take cloak, wear 
cloak, examine mirror, e, e, se, n, w, w, n, n, w, u, w, open green, d, e, se, 
squeeze sphere, s, get hair, n, nw, w, u, open door, open blue, s, press green, 
n, sw, s, e, take walnut, e, n, ne, s, press blue, n, e, e, s, s, e, d, w, n, e, 
n, n, squeeze sphere, u, get cross, d, s, s, w, s, e, u, w, n, n, w, n, n, e, d, 
in, get tear, squeeze sphere, out, u, w, s, s, w, s, press white, n, e, open 
green, d, e, e, e, e, drop sword, ticket, sandles, spanner, sphere, mirror, hat, 
n, w, se. END

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