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White Cliffs of Dover, The (White_Cliffs_of_Dover_hints.txt)

The White Cliffs of Dover
by Pete Lucas

Hints follow after the "Starting the Game" section.


Starting the Game.

The known pre-release version of the game is close to a Dragon 32's memory limit. It is likely
that the commercial release of the game would have included a loader to clear all of the memory that
is otherwise reserved for graphics pages. With the pre-release version you will have to clear the
memory yourself or use a 64 kiB Dragon and change to Dragon 64 mode, just follow the instructions
below (the instructions are for use with an emulator but can be adapted for a real Dragon if you
transfer either the disk or the cassette image to real media).

The pre-release version first turned up on a disk image if you have this disk image you can either
load the game then run it in Dragon 64 mode or transfer it to a cassette image. If you intend to run
the game on a Dragon 32 then the cassette image is required. In all methods with the disk image you
must first start a Dragon emulator with a version of DragonDOS running and mount the disk image.
After mounting the disk type (each line is followed with a press of the RETURN key, additional
information is given in square brackets):


You should see a file called "CLIFFS.BAS" which is the game, and another file called
"UNBOOT.BIN". If there is no UNBOOT.BIN then you must create a cassette image.

Playing from a disk, type:

LOAD "CLIFFS"     [the .BAS is optional]
RUN "UNBOOT.BIN"  [you must include the .BIN, after the beep you may continue]
EXEC              [the cursor changes to blue, if not then restart and try EXEC 48000]

Creating a cassette image (consult your emulator's instructions on how to mount a cassette
image for writing), type:

LOAD "CLIFFS"     [the .BAS is optional]
CSAVE "CLIFFS"    [wait until the OK prompt reappears, then exit the emulator]

Playing from a cassette in Dragon 32 mode, mount the cassette you created and type:


Playing from a cassette in Dragon 64 mode, mount the cassette you created and type:

EXEC              [or EXEC 48000]



Refer to cars by the maker's name.

Whenever you are dazed and confused you may miss items and directions.

Some vapours should bring you back to your senses.

Medicine will also do the job.

Show them you are British, by playing in a manner that befits your country. (NB. I am British and
the people behind the game are British, we know of what we speak.)

A change of clothes may lessen the danger.

Take your time before greeting anyone in the French manner.

What would Quasimodo do?

Reply in the positive and the negative, but use the local lingo.

You will get that sinking feeling if you carry too much.


By Alastair for the Classic Adventure Solution Archive (CASA)