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Final Mission, The (Final_Mission.txt)

THE FINAL MISSION (Incentive Software)

NOTE: You can only achieve 100% AND get the code word, by playing the game
right through without using the save facility.  If you DO save your
position, then various parts of the solution are changed to include
additional moves.  In a saved game, you need to fish in the lava for a
potion to transport you back to the huge chamber.  In an unsaved game, the
potion is poisonous!

                           THE SOLUTION

Get chair, Examine chair (you find and take the dagger strapped to it),
E, Drop chair, Stand on chair (you see another cell), Break window, E, 
N, Get straw, E, S, Drop ring (light reflects off ring, triggering
a hidden switch and an openeing appears), E, E, E, S, W, S, W, S, S,
Get soap, Examine soap (marked: 15E 15S), Examine symbols (a
zig-zag pattern - you must follow this pattern by altering between north
and east), N, E, Get crowbar, N, E, N, E, Get garlic, N, E (the
trapdoor smashes ........... if you had used the crowbar it would have
broken!), Down, E, S, S.

Block gap (under the door, with the straw), N, N, E, Remove panel, 
(you find and take a key), E, N, Drop garlic (this stops Delphina's
resurrection and her killing you later), S, E, Get aerosol, Examine
aerosol (will make you small), W, S, S, S, E (you hear a plopping
noise!!), W, Up, Wait (until you hear a splintering sound), Drop soap
(this cleans up green slime underneath), Down, N, N, N, W, W, S, 
S (Oak door has been smashed open), S, Unlock door, Drop key, S,
(you are attacked by the Mad Monk.  More often than not, he will defeat you.
You will just have to start again and keep trying until you win with the 
loss of not more than one energy point.  You can use 'escape' if it does not
cost more than one energy point), S, S, W.

(Each time you are hit by an arrow you loose two energy points.  Start again
if you are hit more than once), Say ga (in answer to the Guardian's
riddle and he disappears), E, Say anagram (in answer to riddle), S,
Get pendant (stone missing), S, W, N, N, E, E, Say 0,2,6,9     
(in answer to riddle ...... figure and commans must be entered exactly as
indicated, or it does not work!), S, S, E, E (from here, locations
are random, so you cannot map them.  Just follow the clue on the soap and
move East fifteen times then South fifteen times.  A parchment will fall
into your hands), Read parchment, Drop parchment (return by moving
North fifteen times then West fifteen times), W, W, S, Get carving,
Examine carving (ferocious lion), W, S, S, W.

(Ideally, energy level should be '7' at this point), Spray aerosol (you
shrink small enough to go down the hole), Down (in a saved game you need
to drop the arcorn down the hole first), S, Use crowbar (to open the
chest, you take the emerals), Drop crowbar, N, E, Down, Down,
Release man, Get handle, Up, Up, S, S, Examine statue, Remove rubies,
Insert emeralds (opening south), Insert edgar (into pendant in place
of missing stones), Wear pendant, S, S, Show carving (sees off the
King of Warts), S (the pendant destroys the Demon as per the parchment),
Examine throne, Insert handle, S.

                          CODE WORD = MONOLITH

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Provided by John R. Barnsley
Retyped  by Andrew Barker

Displayed on the Classic Adventures Solution Archive: