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El Diablero (El_Diablero.txt)

by Ken Kalish


Note, to go N, E, or S you can either use the up, right, and down arrow keys respectively, or type
GO NORTH, etc. To go W use the @ key, or type GO WEST. (On CoCo and Dragon keyboards the left arrow
key doubles as the delete key, and the @ key is to the immediate left of the left arrow key.)

W, w, w, w, s, go rock, remember (this comes from the poem in the instructions), gaze rock, w, w
(note the great mountain far off in the west), n, n, go rock, gaze rock (so blue is pleasant and
yellow makes you feel anxious), e, s, e, e, e, e, e, e, look inscription (best come back later), w,
w, w, w, n, e, e, e, e, e, e, n, gaze pool.

Look, w, w, look tombstone, w, w, w, w, look well, look inscriptions, s, e, e, look window, e, s, go
door, remember, w, get bowl, look bowl, e, go door, e, e, get brush, look, go tunnel, e, look box,
open box, drop bowl (important), break bowl, look, get key, open box, look, drop key, drop brush,
get paper, get pebble, look paper, look pebble, gaze pebble, drop paper, w, go up.

N, w, n, e, e, gaze pool, look, s, s, s, w, w, gaze pool, look, s, drop pebble, look, get machete,
s, s, n, w, get mask, go hole, go up, go opening, s, e, e, n, push wall, look, s, look inscriptions,
wear mask, look inscriptions, n, n, n, w, go hole, say up, look, look inscriptions, s, e, e, e, s,
go door, w, look mat, look threads.

(Where will you find an eagle feather? Remember the great mountain?) Dream mountain, look, go up,
remember, go down, w, n, n, w, w (this does not look safe), awake, look, dream nest, look, get
feather, awake, look, e, get shotgun, look shotgun, look window, gaze coyote, shoot coyote, look
window, go door, n, w (interesting), n, e, e, drop feather, e, e, gaze pool, look, w, w, cut cactus,
get beetles, e, e, gaze pool, look, w, w, drop beetles, say Uxmal.

S, s, w, go door, w, drop machete, drop shotgun, get seeds, look seeds, e, go door, n, n, e, e, e,
gaze pool, look, s, w, w, w, w, w, w, w, w, n, w, say reveal, e, s, s, e, e, e, e, e (they
weren't there before, perhaps there is something of interest around here?), look up, e, look
inscription, w, drop mask.

Dream mountain, look, e, n, n, e, plant seeds (this reduces the maximum size of your inventory, but
is unavoidable), look bush, get twig, awake, look, dream cave, dream, awake cave, n, look ring, pull
ring, turn ring, pull ring, look, go down, e, get bell, w, w, w, look statue, get statue, e, look
columns, ring bell, look beast, go beast, look.

N, go pond, swim down, swim east, swim down, swim east, swim up, swim up, swim shore, w, look ruins,
e, look block, get block, go pond, swim down, swim down, swim down, swim east, drop block, swim up,
swim up, swim up, swim shore.

N, look pillar, push pillar, look, go pillar, w, w, look door (remember the statue?), go door, look,
say reveal, w, look statues, gaze statues, get figurine, e, go door, look, w, w, w, w, w, w, look
bridge, break figurine (as the lizard said), go bridge, s, e, get statue, push statue, look, look
depression, dip twig, e, e, e, go chamber, drop twig, (how many names have you come across?) say


Written by Alastair for the Classic Adventure Solution Archive (CASA)