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El Diablero (El_Diablero_hints.txt)

by Ken Kalish


To go N, E, or S you can either use the up, right, and down arrow keys respectively, or type GO
NORTH, etc. To go W use the @ key, or type GO WEST. (On CoCo and Dragon keyboards the left arrow key
doubles as the delete key, and the @ key is to the immediate left of the left arrow key.)

Remember to read the instructions.

Not all exits are obvious.

You can go places.

Beware of the colour code.

Drop the bowl before you use it (due to a bug, failing to do so will limit the size of your

Delay using any seeds (again, a bug will reduce the size of your inventory so wait until

Keep a note of all the names you discover.

Bushes contain twigs.

Be careful of changing reality.


Written by Alastair for the Classic Adventure Solution Archive (CASA)